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So some of you who follow my facebook page here and is a subscriber of my youtube channel here would know that i’ve been sent wonderful Christmas presents. THEN THEY TOLD ME THAT THOSE ARE LIMITED EDITION. so naturally, i had to get the other items from the limited edition hahaha, or hoard. LOL.  below is what i bought on Dec. 28, the other day.  so i got another of those dual ended gloss and perfume, in wanna touch.  a lipstick in chic beige and a couple of look at my eyes eye shadows.

this is the chocolate brown i used in my upcoming natural look tutorial.  i like this chocolate brown.  it really reminds me of the brown in my lunasol pallet and it’s nearly as creamy to apply, too! i’ll do a comparative review once i get the pink one of this. 

 it looks gray in the picture but it’s actually a taupe

for my purchases above the EH branch in Mega B gave me a couple of these:

and below is the ginormous loot bag sent to me by etude house as a Christmas gift.

A closer look.  i got 5 nail laquers, the party queen set.  it’s for gradation nail art.  and the wannabe color my nails, complete with nail art stickers.  

i just can’t super can’t tell you how much i love the scent on that dual ended thing.  a lip gloss on one end a roller perfume on the other.  they say the scent is floral musk.  floral musk, sounds like an oxymoron don’t you think?  but that’s what they said it is.  now if you intend to buy this, just look for the peachy pink shade of lip gloss and you’ll get the same one sent to me, the wanna love.  and of course the wonderful so hot pink #1 from the wannabe color my lips line.  and the wannabe  shine finish pact and highlighter

and here’s what the pact looks like.  this smells really faint but really nice and ladylike.

and oh they sent me this.  a body and hair perfume! naloka naman ako pwede sa hair.  well, all perfume is ok for the hair every once in a while.  just not too often because it is after all alcohol.  but the box says this world traveler minime, etude house’s version of the harajuku.

and hmmm i like the fact that it says it will last 36 mos upon opening LOL.  it smells like lemmon, and a little of dayap and a little of dalanghita/dalandan? hahaha i’m so bad at describing scents.  

below is my video demo using and showing you what was sent to me.  at least you can see in videos what you’ve seen above in pictures.

This has been such a wonderful season for Christmas gifts.  i can only hope i do Etude House justice in my description of their items i falling in love with everyday.  i so loved their wannabe color my lips that i bought chic beige! i love the creamy texture and how pigmented they really are. AND THEY DON’T DRY MY LIPS OUT.  


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