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there is nothing more than i love while blogging or being on youtube is interacting with you.  2011 has been a wonderful year.  truly, fate has upped the ante on my 2010 making 2011 on my most memorable years.  post on that soon.

Meeting you ladies, and a few gents has been awesome and wonderful thus far.  and giveaways is the only way i can think out to physically reach out to you and hopefully make you smile and make our interactions more personal.

below are a few of my recipients of my two giveaways this year.

Airah…isn’t she just adorable! hope you enjoy your stuff, i apologize if it was a beyotch to peel off the bubble wrap hahaha eh ako na nangigil sa bubble wrap.  

and CLAIR! omg! parang ang tagal na nating nagkukulitan.  i’m glad i was at least able to give you something for Christmas.

Czarina and her stuff.  i hope the skin care works out for you sweetie.  thank you so much for sending me a pic of you with the gifts 😉

and Issa.

Issa is holding from my first ever giveaway from last July.  

i have 3 other recipients, Dar, Hazel, and Ninmonster thank you so much for joining my giveaway and i hope you had fun looking for the answers for my egg hunt.  and i hope that following me on twitter and blogger helps you out in someway. 

2011 has been so wonderful to me.  this is a first of my series i’ll write about my 2011.  

i can’t thank you enough for reading my blog and i specially love it when you leave comments.  hope to interact with you more in 2012!


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