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As some of you may know i’m not much into Chinese food.  I’ve even written somewhere that it’s my bottom choice during date nights.  IDK, i must have had too much when i was growing up, so my taste buds are numb when it comes to Chinese food.  but see, that’s Chinese food in the Philippines.  So i was quite excited to eat Chinese food now that i’d be visiting a Chinese cosmopolitan city, Hong Kong.  We got to Hong Kong quite early so we had breakfast … at…wait for it… Mcdo hahaha.  so i ordered something in the menu that isn’t available in Philippine mcdo branches.  presenting.  chicken sopas, Szechuan style.  yes, the chicken was spicy LMAO.

but at the harbour city mall…we ended up here.  crystal jade was super queuing, so there.

weee i like this diner, what a cool interior.

huge onion rings! and the breading is really substantial and does not flake apart when you bite into it.

our burgers, hehehe TGIF? naaaaah more like Johnny Rockets!

hehehe 100% beef medium well for the hubby ☺

our drinks hehehe my ♫milk is better than yours, better than yours♪ 😛

for a true diner feel.

but they have wet wipes LOL

at the venetian though this is what we had for lunch O_o busog! below is the hubby’s portuguese chicken stew or something

while this is mine.  oh ha karpintero si ateh Marge hahaha good grief i think there was at least 3 cups of rice in this.  beat that binalot! if you can LOL

hay salamat, crystal jade, finalllleee, hahaha neigh not in greenhills

the usual wet wipes.

xiao long bao…my dad said i’ve had this, once upon a time, but frankly i do not remember if that occurred in ongpin where my toddler years were spent or that restaurant in front of the US embassy, jade garden nga ba yun?
huwow, hang sarap naman, i have a pic of this half bitten, so you can see the soup inside, phhht hindi na upload, i’ll update this later.  this is so good! walang sinabi ang xin dian ti sa crowne plaza na ang mahal naman ordinaryong ordinaryo naman ang lasa.

i super love love love my noodles and beef soup.  just the right beefy taste without any gaminess.  and the noodles al dente!


naturally there’s always room for dessert.  gelato hahaha

just as good as gelatiSSimo ♥

hahaha what’s going to a Chinese city without visiting a happy lemon?

LOL the queue here aint as bad as it is in manila, thank goodness!

yet another milk tea, this time this fr a kiosk at the venetian.  hahaha ang chaka bobo-tea LOL

the next set of pics are from a side street resto who’s name i forget.  the ‘ambiance’ or lack of it, the quick service and good food reminds me of wei ling along masangkay street in ongpin.

but withOUT the extra hilo (nausea/dizziness) fr the msg.

this pic i snapped at sino center, just a few stalls but all dedicated to kpop LOL  yeah, kpop idols endorse soda drinks hehehe

hahaha eh ako na addicted sa milk tea hahaha

ahhhmmm, sari saring food.  medyo maski ako di na take yung amoy ng baboy so ayun we moved on.

our last night in HK we had dinner here.

it took about 30-45minutes for us to get a table.  O_o

but the ambiance

nice huh?

and the food was well worth the wait.  beef ulit! LOL

my rice bowl, pata with egg.

fried rice

and walang kamatayang xiao long bao hahaha

awwww imma gonna miss eating here, as in like the whole eating experience in HK.

not once did i get a head ache from eating at a chinese restaurant, like i do when i eat chinese food in Manila.

I miss HK, i miss the fact that my makeup doesn’t melt off even after an entire afternoon of walking and hehehe eating.  i miss the variety of cosmetics i can shop for here and at a less expensive cost.  i also miss seeing the ladies with their different boots.  it’s so trendy.  i like wearing boots, it hides my short pudgy legs, para kunwari long legged, hahaha melanie marquez? :p



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