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it’s PhP378-my bad, i had something else on my receipt that was php198 and thought it was this.

so i’m moseying along the really crowded malls. i go into into Etude House and eventually did half of my Christmas shopping there, as i was paying i saw this cute cute as in super cuteeeeee!  and then i saw what was inside! omg! a pink sonia kashuk blending sponge or an etude house beauty blender! NATURALLY I JUST HAAAAAD to have one!!!

 and here it is.  same size and shape as the sonia kashuk one based on other peoples’ blogs that this is to scale.

 if you must know my surgical glove size is 6, so that should give you an idea how big my hand is.

ito po yung beauty blender.

 tas ehto yung kay sonia kashuk 

below is a demo of how i used Etude House’s baby doll puff.


  • the price, hahaha of course, it’s like php198 the sonia kashuk is US$9.99 (so about php450 eh shipping pa)  while the beauty blender is US$19.99 eh yung shipping pa. – correction – PhP378, sorry, my mistake =(
  • no weird scents, doesn’t smell like rubber.  i can read Hangul but have to memorize many more words before i can translate, so no i don’t know if the EH one is latex free like Sonia’s or the beauty blender
  • this kind of sponge works better than a flat rubber sponge that you can buy at watsons since let’s face, binibilog din naman natin yun as we apply and blend liquid foundation or other cream products (as we use flat rubber sponges we end up balling it up anyway so may as well get an egg shaped sponge)
  • absorbed the water very well when i washed it.  i squeezed out as much water as i could since at the time of use i was going to use a light to medium coverage foundation anyway
  • it was easy enough to clean and rinse off the foundation i used with it
  • dries pretty quickly
  • no allergic reaction, no welts or itching occured on my skin
  • none that i can think of (as i don’t know or didn’t ask if EH has a cleaner just for this sponge the way beauty blender does, but a cleaner specific to this baby doll puff is a great marketing scheme, tama ba? LOL)
do i recommend? OF COURSE!
will i repurchase! yep definitely.  like all sponges, this one will fray, albeit it may take longer to fray this compared to other rubber sponges.  this baby doll puff is quite packed and dense

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