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this is what i was waiting for after i had reviewed and finished off my hubby’s the body shop tea tree skin clearing foam cleanser.  i had this reserved at the etude house mega mall branch.  and finally the sms came in that said that my reserved item has arrived.  my hubby and i have been using this for about three weeks now. and well here’s what i think.

it has the same packaging as the body shop tea tree skin clearing foam cleanser.  same spout and same consistency and foam as the body shop’s

 this can’t remove my revlon colorstay liquid lipstick but the body shop’s version of this can remove a very difficult to remove lip tint from tony moly.

 it also did not prevent me from having a pimple at my time of the month =(


  • the price it’s only PhP348
  • packaging, very efficient, and sleek
  • spout, dispenses the right amount with each pump
  • a very gentle cleanser
  • the formula, it’s very soft and soothing on the face, easy to spread out and sudsy, it does not dry too quickly while i’m foaming my face compared to the body shop’s version of this


  • the scent – it’s just way too strong, it seems matronly for me, the scent of this makes the scent of the tea tree of the body shop’s version of this almost pleasant and herbal-ly.
  • clearly it doesn’t remove makeup
  • it didn’t prevent that zit even with continued use on my part

Will I repurchase? – no, both my husband and i dislike the smell, we just use it just to finish it off.

Do I recommend? – well, i keep saying that everyone is different, what may work for me, may not work for you and vice versa.  so just because this product didn’t work out for me, it’s possible it can work for you.

hay, this is my THIRD AC Clinic that hasn’t worked for me =( oh well it’s a sign.


One Comment

  1. wow. thanks for the warning. I have my eye on this for a while now. The other products are great though. check out my review here:

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