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nooo, i didn’t get the item because of the packaging, pramis!

i mess up my lips and continue to do so whenever i use my Nyx’s.  but what can i do, those shades are so bold, i love them hahaha.

so, always, on the next day (after using a nyx the previous day) i have this along in my kit to help heal my lips

 it’s in hangeul. LOL

 a top lid

 the product.  where the beads are quite obvious.

 a creamy medium that tastes sweet, no bitter after taste.

 the aftermath, the next day, after using a nyx matte product.  can you say chapped? hahaha

but after about a couple of uses of the tony moly kiss kiss lip scrub for about a day, my lips are ready again for lipstick features like my laneige honey pink below!  no chap, no crack, no wounds.


  • the packaging, hahaha obviously
  • the taste – it’s sweet but not overwhelming and no after taste
  • the beads – amount is ample enough for a scrub but not too much that when you roll them, they’d hurt your lips, but not too few, just right
  • the creamy medium – picks up the sloughed off lip skin and keeps the shed lip skin neatly rolled until you (or I) wipe them away
  • not messy – the product only goes where your fingers guide the product to go, unlike other lip scrubs that scatters too much upon the pressure of your finger on your (my) lips
  • quite effective.  my lips heal fast with this treatment.  the chapped part get rolled away, exposing new lip skin yet helps any wounds i have on my lips (because i bite my lips when dry hahaha), to heal faster.
Dislikes – 
  • none that i can think of
This is PhP348 and has two variants, this red one and a pink one.  
will i buy this again? most likely, i’ve got lots of nyx’s and i love wearing them and i may just buy a couple more hahaha, i’m a masochist that way, choz!
do i recommend? clearly! hahaha my lips when i was younger, healed far slower.  weird, so i attribute the faster healing with this product.

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