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addicted to lipsticks much? di nga?

my journey with lipsticks went on and will stop here. this time i go back to a brand i nearly forgot about or avoided entirely since its sister company, Etude House under AmorePacific, opened their shops in the Philippines.  i’ve got a few Etude House lippies and they dry my lips out, except for the most recent look at my lips line.

and since my lips chapped like nobody’s business when i went all gahgah over my Nyx’s i completely swung the pendulum and went high end and back to Korean cosmetics.  yan Marge, kasi, huwag ingitera LMAO.

half of the lippies i got at the trinoma branch while the other two were purchased at the newer Shangri La Mall.

my hubby bought me this while we were going around the shangrila mall. this one was pushed upon me by their makeup artist Jerr, LOL since this  line of lippies is new.  but actually i wanted the Song Hye Go ‘signed’ line, the intense.  but hey it’s a new line of lippies that promises moisture so i said ok ^_^

seems like a cool pink but actually depends on the lighting.  at first application this thing tastes and smells so waxy like your applying an old candle on your lips.  but once that ‘scent’ dissipates, it clears rather quickly, all my lips feel is comfort, comfort, comfort!

it’s sometimes it’s a warm pink as seen below, i think i wore this the entire week the first week i had it, which made me decide, I GOTTA HAVE MOAR, more more as in MOAR LOL.

below is a much warmer shade from the new line as well, the snow crystal moisture lipstick.  honey pink.  hehehe look mom, them peeps from SK are now naming their lippies! FINALLY.

weee i love love the pigmentation of these moisture lipsticks.  one swipe omg lamang. and truly truly as in they act like lip balms.  this one has no old candle wax smell though LOL.

i just look healthy and natural and young wearing this kind of honey pink shade, oh ha, ang shyalah 😛

the next two lipsticks is from a slightly older line the snow crystal INTENSE lipstick.  this is the line that Song Hye Go had boxes of said line printed with her signature.  these are meant to be semi-matte.

Smile Orange, is a watermelon color that is love upon first application.

it’s a little like fairytale only warmer and deeper.

see, it’s warmer than fairytale.  these two i can just wear and wear til they phase it out.

this shade orange bloom is said to be one of the two shades that Song Hye Go herself hand picked to be her favorite(s).  the other shade being a cool light pink with sparklies kinda like cover girl’s enchantress, (which i also have now, enchantress, i mean, which i don’t like too much).

this orange bloom is a nude shade.  but a nude shade with sorta like apricot undertones.  so it doesn’t wash me out, well i don’t think so

there’s a pinky undertone so i don’t think it washes me out at all ^_^.

aigooo, i love these lipsticks.  it makes their high price tags so worth it!  the packaging is sosyal, LOL.  the color pay off is really pigmented, each of those swatches you see on my wrist is just one swipe.  these four lipsticks are very moisturizing.  skin care is the thrust of Laneige, i’d like to think of them as the Korean Clinique! 😛 but with really good looking endorsers who are Korean drama actors.  

More Laneige reviews coming up, i’ve got samples and samples i wanna try out, like now na hahaha

what’s your high end lippy?


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