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I had the privilege of attending Tony Moly’s product(s) launch last October.  This bb cream was one of the products they are launching in Manila.

Yey the snail cream that i’m liking a great deal is now part of the primer/moisturizer/sun block/light foundation i love love to wear.

It looks more like foundation but with the thickness of a moisturizer.

it blends right in, no gray cast, at least on my skin.

has light to medium coverage. photo below taken without flash.

photo below was taken with the flash on.  in my point of view, not reflective at all.  even at SPF45 PA+++

with me with the rest of make up on.  i topped the bb cream with my revlon colorstay mineral aqua FINISHING powder which has additional coverage

the next day with better hair and different lippie.

this bb cream passes as a bb cream.  it has light to medium coverage that doesn’t overpower the foundation you would wanna put on top of the bb cream which in my point of view serves as a primer/foundation/sun screen.

i wore this for two weeks straight, making sure my cycle would roll around that time of the month to test the snail cream part of this bb cream.  and well, i still got zits even if i apply my etude house snail cream 2x a day  (morning and at bed time) so i was hoping the extra snail cream in this new tony moly bb cream would prevent the zits entirely.  but it didn’t i still got zits.  what did happen though was faster healing.  my zits didn’t grow too big and could be covered by concealer and healed rather quickly.  not as quickly as when i was using the snail cream from the skin shop reviewed here.



  • pump, a pump that works, that’s always a plus to me LOL
  • scent, it’s kinda citrusy clean scent, it could be strong for some, but no worries, it dissipates rather quickly
  • i’ll add this as a like: light coverage – it doesn’t affect the finish of the foundation i wanna use, in the last two weeks i used my photoready and my mineral aqua
  • no gray cast the way my missha perfect cover used to have on me
  • does not oxidize
  • makes my foundation last longer
  • finish – almost matte so other foundations you put on top would have a good base and any luminosity if any would show up.
  • does not cake up my foundation
  • does not get in to my fine lines (make them look obvious) 
  • easy to blend, i don’t get little pools of foundation/bb cream in my pores (people with oily skin with obvious pores would know what i mean)
  • easy to remove, i don’t have to adjust how i take off my make up
  • spf 45 pa +++!
  • the healing, since i use another snail cream and i’m pretty realistic that a beauty product would have a less concentration of the live snail cream, i wasn’t really expecting this bb cream to be a miracle worker on my zits on that time of the month
  • none so far
Price: I will update this post once i know.  it was not shared with us how much the retail price of this bb cream.  you may follow tony moly philippines’ face book page for further updates 😉


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