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Before I finish this up, LOL, i’ve been using this daily since i got it, i may as well review this before i forget LOL.

No sharpening required, just twist the mid section for the ‘lead’ to come out. the shade i got is 01, the lightest of the 5. available in Manila are just 5 shades and it’s usually out of stock.

i love how it’s almost eGGzaklee the same shade of my lips had i enough Hb in my RBC’s LMAO.

sorry if my lips gross you out, hehehe i love nyx, i wish the feeling was mutual hahaha so my lips are dry and cracked.  but as you can see below, the shade is a good match for my lips.  and it will blend well as it has with all my lipsticks and creams, even nyx’s milan 😉

pic below is me wearing Milan and the etude house lip liner is underneath


  • no sharpening 
  • the product doesn’t suddenly fall out of the tube
  • shade match
  • blendability, it’s not as soft and creamy as a lipstick but it isn’t crayola stiff either
  • bec of the previous bullet your lip cream or lipstick doesn’t feather out of your lip line
  • no weird taste
  • no weird scent
  • the price,  PhP98, oh ha may sukli ka pa
  • REFILLABLE, huwow, and the…
  • refill costs taaadaaah PhP48 oh ha may sukli ka pa, chos! 😛


  • freakin thing is always out of stock, anuber, i’d have to find a decongested SM, hiyaaah ok, sige na nga.

Shall I repurchase? most definitely

Do i recommend? hell yeah!

TGIF folks! happy long weekend to those have that ‘luxury’


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