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It’s the fall season, and Lunasol came out with this a few months back.  Lunasol came on to my radar thanks to youtube big name Fuzkittie.  as much i try to find the best deals with Korean cosmetics and go for the budget conscious choices, i would still watch people like Fuz and Irene (Pinkiecharm) because more often than not they review high end items.  these ladies are my evolved version of romance (they are able to have items quite steep for me similar to a teen ager dreaming about some hot guy she can’t have and she’d have to…you guessed it, settle hahaha)

But last weekend, there was no settling, it was a celebration of sorts and this is what theBenj bought for me.    

I naturally get 02 soft beige as it is the most wearable for either night or day.

i now fully understand why Fuz uses the sponge tip applicators, (it was also Fuz, that got me into Majolica Majorca LOL) these Japanese sponge tip applicators truly are sturdy and never flimsy.  they spread the eye shadows far better than brushes actually do.  these shadows (same as majolica majorca) are super creamy and you’d do a dis-service to the eye shadow splitting up the powder with animal hair eye shadow brushes by just to dabbing it back on again on your lids.  instead, with these kinds of  eye shadows, use the sponge tip applicators that come with the pallet and simply wipe on the powder on your lid.  the shadows are so soft and creamy that it takes just one or two strokes to blend out the shades.

As, Nikki of ‘Japanese cosmetics are geared into “sparkly”, “natural” and “cute”!’  this particular pallet is no exception.  sorry for the bad lighting, what i can say is what you see is what you get. that baby pink is what it is and so is the nice warm gold shade.  and the browns are just so awesome.  they’re just not chalky at all.   

i use Charm’s synthetic liner brush for the really dark shade to line my lower lash line to make the line thinner and more precise

i apply this lightly and it’s wearable for the office but smart and polished looking enough for dinner or a presentation.

and the gold with the dark browns/bronze can be darkened and applied more heavily for a night look.  if applied lightly then it’s less sparkly when applied with more than a few strokes then hello shining shimmering splendor 😛

hahaha can you tell that on my left eye is the more gold shade and on my right eye is the pink? 😛

for women not too much into eye shadows, this is the safer choice.  the shades are soft enough but you actually get 8 ‘shades’ in this pallet you get 3 different kinds of browns from really dark to something bronzy then the white (on the upper left hand corner of the pallet) you get a gradient of 3 kinds of white from almost matte to very swarovski sparklies LOL 

I definitely recommend this to ladies who rather shop at Rustan’s than anywhere else.  I’m thinking of buying another pallet, the one with the lilac-lavender shade hahaha as a Christmas gift to myself.

by the way, this is US$65 so at around 43 bucks dollar forex, it’s around PhP2800 which is exactly what Rustan’s is selling this pallet for.  So buying at Rustan’s except for Mac Cosmetics is almost like buying online or in the states at least for the brands that i’ve bought there, namely bobbi brown, clinique, shu, nars, factoring in shipping/taxes/ and convenience.  

except for the luxury price tag this pallet deserves 4 and a half stars!



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