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I keep telling ya folks, SALE is a four letter word!  I am sandwiched between two great malls and very near a forever21 branch.  and i would like a new dress for an event i have on the 18th, if it’s possible.  so right before then…there is the Forever 21 sale.  wherein if you bring your sm cards bdo or whatnot (check out forever21’s facebook page for the proper deets) you’ll get extra savings for a limited time only, about an hour tomorrow from 11am-12nn.  then if you do get out of forever 21 in one piece you will be greeted by the people lunching at sm mega who’s just received their pay, Zeus willing!

but since i work right next to Robinson’s this is what will greet me during our lunch period.

so i’ll be checking this out firstly.

mostly likely ending up here:

seriously??? i’m wondering how i get home intact and not look like 

soooo where are you off to this weekend?


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