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IS ONLY PhP378 (with an additional 5%discount since i use an rcbc citrus card at etude house boutiques) vs PhP695 you’d clearly know which one would be my choice.

Best if you want to: Wash away make-up, dirt and excess oil and unclog pores with a zesty, refreshing, lightweight liquid-to-foam cleanser.
How it works:
Lemon tea tree and Community Trade tea tree oil from Kenya contain properties that help fight blemishes and prevent new ones from forming.
Tamanu oil from Madagascar has a soothing effect and helps to calm irritation and redness.
Menthol creates a cool fresh tingle that leaves skin feeling refreshed.
A non-aerosol pump transforms the liquid formulation in the bottle into a light, silky foam

This is actually my husband’s LOL since he liked the freebie gel tea tree skin clearing version of this, i thought of getting the full size. at the time, this entire line was on sale. 

sorry the label is hard to take a pic of.  but here’s the product description from the bottle label.
claims breakouts will be minimized with continued use.
the ingredient list.  ah well the tea tree ingredient is 2nd to the last O_o

compared to the gel that turns into a foam, this product already comes out as a foam.
this lip tint that’s hard to eat/kiss/or rub off:
was removed with minimal rubbing with this tea tree foam
but the price.  (but i got it at 10% discount and another less 40bucks bec i used up the stamps i accumulated from my LYB card)
at 150ml with an awesome spout and the promise of clearer skin, who wouldn’t buy in to this body shop product?  it’s after all western, [for some of you that kinda shy away from Asian products], it’s cruelty free, they use community trade ingredients so some of that money that you paid, expensively, will go and help people in other parts of the world, in this case Kenya.
  • does what it says, washes away makeup, dirt, and excess oil without drying my face out.
  • very lightweight, doesn’t leave a filmy residue after rinsing
  • very refreshing feeling after washing
  • no harsh skin reactions from either my hubby or myself and we’re about to finish up this bottle, sana lang di ba? 😛
  • the scent isn’t as strong as with the gel version of this wash
  • very gentle 
  • the price.  sorry but for almost 700 bucks?  for sure there’s an alternative 
  • a little DOES not go a long way, you need the size of about an egg, a big one LOL
  • i do not use this often enough to see if it prevented my monthly zit hehehe
Do i recommend: naaah there are others out there unless you are a true the body shop fan
Will I repurchase: nope

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