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photocred for pic below-philippine travel guide:

some of you may have been affected either relatively unscathed or severely by the recent storm in Philippines, Nesat or its Filipino name Pedring.
Though the strong, vertical, and big droplets of rain and winds ended mid afternoon,  there was no telling if the rains would come back [which it did] and it didn’t mean that the floods the rains caused around the metro would’ve receded by the time our [mine and theBenj’s] work day finished.  He was sent home early while that sending home early NEVER happens in the call center industry, i had to finish my shift [albeit off line work] to the very last minute.  we both thought it best for us to just check in at the holiday inn for convenience sake.  so he got us a room…and here it is.

it has a ‘sala’ awwww a little vanity or office area depending on how you use that area in the corner with the phone.

the short hall way leading to the sleeping area.

the closet hehehe with an iron and ironing board.  as it is still holiday inn, whatever they practiced from decades ago is still being done. but just one robe, booh.

a safe to store your important belongings while going around ortigas.

and the loo.  i like this loo, it’s bigger than our loo at the ramada inn in bkk LOL [ramada and the holiday inn same level, don’t tell me otherwise LOL].

and the bedroom.  getting twin beds is 800 bucks cheaper than getting a queen.

the extent of the room.  the curtains behind the tv reveals another window.  so we got a corner room ^_^  speaking of storm, there was a power outage, so we were on generators.  and most likely the cable companies were down, too. hay no other channel except GMA so i had to watch or at listen to this show called Amaya.  jeez, now i don’t mind period pieces and old ways of filipino speak, but the acting on this show is just grrrr.  and iglot a really fake magical bird *foreheadslap* if only i could demand a little refund for the no cable aspect of our stay, grrr.

but the next day LOL.  you can actually get a room here with our without breakfast.  buffet breakfast is an additional 1k (phil pesos)

hehehe i chose the multigrain bread, i’m a hypocrite that way LMAO

me naaat likey the sausages, the casing’s too thick so it was kinda tough to bite into.  the corned beef was the bomb! super nice.  and the taters were great, too.  hehehe and that multigrain bread.

the pancakes were not hot, bad trip. but the bacon not too hot or hot they were crispy goodness!

hehehe tEh baconnnnn

the not so great sausages.

the entire bar one, well not really

some side dishes and some sushi.

fruits anyone?

more breakfast food.

and back in the room, in our new clothes LOL ready for another day at work, minus a storm.

some thoughts.  the beds here are waaay as in way softer than the beds at the crowne plaza, just a stone’s throw away from the holiday inn.  the food for breakfast at crowne plaza – 7corners is better than holiday inn’s breakfast at bar one.  overall, i’d rather stay here at holiday inn than at the crowne just for the wonderful beds.  
the overnight stay with buffet breakfast for two was about 5k without vat.  well worth it in my opinion than get stranded in traffic trying to get home in a storm, flood, and no power at home.  AND since we were already in ortigas, all we had to do is check out and walk to work 😉  no hassle of avoiding still flooded streets the day after the storm.


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