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i think i’ve been wearing this and denting the hell out of the pink and silver-white shade for more than 2weeks now LOL.  i got this pallet at a watson’s in singapore and it was part of a buy 2 get one free.
so far the only japanese pallet i’ve tried are from majolica majorca the trick on eye shadow 750 and 751. i really love how creamy soft those shadows are and i was hoping that this drug store brand would at least be similar to majolica majorca’s shadow pallets. 
there was a brown option of this, but i chose the pink hehehe but the container says brown hahaha.  i like the fact that it includes eye brow powder.
swatches.  mind you i put my tony moly eye primer under there O_o
you can make it as plain or as smoky as you like.  the dark brown is great and easy to spread and build up, well the dark brown for is a satin finish so it isn’t as chalky as most dark shades for the outer corner of the eye.
i applied black liquid liner here, but you can apply brown as well.
this thing oxidizes O_o the nice salmon pink upon application turns to a light orange, which not bad per se, but sheesh i bought it for the pink not orange, boooh.  the silver-white thing turns dark gray, too, huwatduh? kakagalet. [annoying]
but on a low res cam, bonga naman chos! [on a low res cam, i look half decent, LMAO]
since i’m all biggie for bold lippies and i’ve been trying on my nyx and cover girl lip perfection lippies, i chose to just use this pallet for a less severe eye look and have the lippies be the main attraction.  so far so good, these pix below have gained the most likes from my facebook page bwahahaha chos!
fine, like ko na nga tong pallet na ito.  i guess it’s workable, i just don’t like the oxidation and pigmentation / color pay off.  i guess i was expecting another majolica majorca, but alas, this kate pallet isn’t that.  
BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE- HOWEVER:  i do love the eye brow powder.  it’s quite similar to my elf studio eye brow kit in light only that this kate one is powder and better imho to apply.  the gel/cream with the elf one turns on itself lol, so you have to dab the thing across your brows.  but not this kate one.  it’s a breeze to apply.
  • relatively inexpensive at around PhP800 converted from SGD because it has 3 shades and 2shades for the brow and 2 functioning sponge tip applicators.  
  • sponge tip applicators are not flimsy, tiny but not flimsy and the sponge won’t disintegrate on you while using it.  
  • the brow part, very easy to apply, buildable so mistakes can easily be corrected
  • one pallet can be used for a day or night time look because of the dark brown shade
  • no weird scents
  • no harsh skin reactions
  • color pay off not so great [for the eye shadows]
  • the locking mechanism for the the lid easily unclasps so i sometimes find this open in my kit if i return it in my kit on it’s side [so it’s standing on its hinges] basta nagbubukas magisa pag nakatayo LOL i cannot english anymore LMAO
  • it oxidizes. hay, i love the pink, i bought it for the pink, but it turns a light orange on me.  which is actually nice, but i already have a nice orange pallet from etude house.  i wanted this nice bright baby pink to at least stay on my lids for more than 3 hours O_o
  • the length of the stems of the sponge tip applicators are just way too darn short, other than that the sponge tips themselves work and work fine they do.
  • didn’t find this at sm mall [or is that a good thing?]  there was another line of eye pallets there, a quad with no eye brow powder but who knows it should turn up here, too one of these days.  the bb and the mineral liquid foundation have LOL
will i repurchase? nope, majolica majorca it is for me, anyway it’s in the same price range
do i recommend? nope there are other pallets out there with better color pay off.  ahem maybelline, ahem majolica 😉

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