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Another blush comparison, LOL this time it’s Ellana’s Kitten
pls note that the swatches below were heavily applied,  you can apply each of these pinks as light or as heavily as you would like it.

hmmmm reminded me of elf’s pink lemonade. 

a side by side comparison.  the kitten is more satin-shimmery  specially in real life

on my left cheek is ellana’s kitten, sorry the sun decided to hide behind clouds, but the kitten is really less obvious on my cheeks, just gives a hint of a pink shimmer unless i apply it heavily.

while on my right is elf’s pink lemonade, and the sun decided to blind me LOL. 

on my office mates.  i love the brightening and healthy glow ellana’s kitten gives these ladies with warmer and deeper skin shades than i do.

below on Farah, the pink shimmer is more obvious on her left cheek 😉 and yeah, that’s the holiday inn outside our window LOL

pan back to me.  hahaha the elf pink lemonade is only similar to ellana’s kitten when first applied but eventually oxidizes then disappears on me throughout the day =( while ellana’s kitten and all of her blushes remain the same on my cheeks throughout the day, with minimal fading.

Aspect Kitten Pink Lemonade
Shade Match cooler pink warmer pink
Coverage medium to full sheer to medium-like a tint only lighter
Finish satin shimmer satin pearly
Lasting Power all day oxidizes then fades
Oil Control moderate almost none, it’s a cream product
Break Out none none
Packaging tub with sifty can be messy i exposed one ONE hole stick cream, convenient not messy
Scent none fake, car freshener lemon scent, ick
Availability Fri-Sat SM Hypermart Mega/Mkti & online most dept stores in MMla
Price PhP100/1g or 180/2.5g 4g for PhP129
over all, i’ll continue to buy Ellana products even though her products are a tad more expensive than elf’s here.  the nice scent of the elf cover stick only lasted a few months then it started to stink.  just for that, i’m sticking with mineral makeup that doesn’t have a scent and doesn’t expire.  besides, ellana now has their version of stila’s convertible color, so i may check that out next LOL.


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