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my first try with any korean peeling product would be the nose packs from beauty credit, but for massage peeling it would be my etude house mini size pore u massage peeling pack
ey Missha claims to be cruelty free (against animal testing), good on you!

the ingredients

the spout and pump works well and dispenses the right amount of product.  makes it very sanitary

the grudge’s toshio is that you?

crud, like literally crud!  it’s rougher, like way rougher than the etude house mini size pore u massage peeling pack so it’s peeling with some scrubbing

squeaky clean skin is what i get after i wash off the crud with warm water, no need for toner

behold just some of my crud

Aspect Missha  Etude House
Packaging comes in a pump bottle more hygienic comes in a tub less hygienic even with a spatula 
Amount 200ml 180ml
Scent no discernible scent a little citrusy
Tingling Sensation some tingling specially around the nostrils none
Cleansing removes my colorstay mineral aqua foundation – instruction say that this is used to remove dirt and makeup used as a 1-2x a week regimen for peeling so after your makeup has been removed
Effectiveness  it removes even my colorstay foundation so yeah this can clean! so so, i feel like i need to use toner after
Rash/Breakout none none
Price PhP900 plus on gmarket  PhP448 for 180ml

over all for cleansing i’d go with the missha.  it cleans so well that i can skip The Face Shop Home Aesthetic Pack Firming Honey Pack.  it’s these two items i would rather use for deep cleansing of my skin.  i really feel too powdered up when using the etude house minisize u set, from their serum to their toner.  so i do not feel squeaky clean.
This review was requested on my youtube channel so i will update this with a video review at least i’ll be able to show you how each one works on vid.

has anyone else tried any of these ‘peels’?


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