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I’ve noticed that i hardly have any reviews on my tools LOL except maybe for lash curlers from elf and the face shop.  But today i wanna try and describe for you the tools i use to apply my favorite mineral foundation, my revlon colorstay mineral aqua foundation and its finishing powder
i use these brushes as back ups of each other.  i’ve 2 of the elf studio powder brush, 1 of the everyday minerals, and one miss taylor kabuki from sigma.  so if one’s in the drying area, i’ve got one to use in my kikaykit.
below is a close up view of my most recent addition to my collection, the Miss Taylor flat top kabuki from Sigma Makeup.  I got this as part of their incentive program recently.  i used it as my travel buddy when i went to Singapore and so far i’m liking this brush.
Below is the celebrated elf studio powder brush.  many a youtube guru profess their love to this brush to stipple on their liquid foundation, so i tried it and it made me stop using my stippling brushes altogether!  i love it sooo much i got a back up of this elf studio powder brush.  but i’ve had one since 09.
and lastly my, everyday minerals flat top kabuki brush.  when i was all gahgah over mineral makeup i got this thru a multiply seller, the same seller i got my lumiere ditto o sample baggie.  i tried this with liquid foundation, too, it didn’t work out LMAO, it’s just way too dense, so i had to spritz the blush with etude mist…sooooo it was like using a sponge which i don’t like.  sorry, my brush is due for a wash, hehehe and i did after i took this pic ^_^
 pls click on the pic below to enlarge it and see my notes on each brush.
Bottom line, there’s a reason why i have a back of the Elf Studio Powder Brush, not only is it just US$3, it doesn’t shed, bleed, stink, dries quick enough, great for stippling liquid foundation and its original intent, which is for powder to set your face 😉  my one and only complaint is its stem/handle is too long.  so a travel buddy this elf studio powder brush is not. 
Since i don’t wanna crush the brush of my everyday minerals even if i have the brush guard, i prefer bringing the miss taylor kabuki for travel.
Sigma has the F80 but the handle is too long, so i may skip that.  Ellana has a flat top brush, too.  and it’s a tad smaller but a little longer than my EDM, so i may skip that, too. LOL
Over all i’m quite happy with the ones i already have.  i’m glad for the opportunity to be able to post something like this.  Thank you, Sigma for your awesome incentive plan.

has anyone else tried any of the brushes i have here?

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