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 coming back down to earth literally specially after my awesome final weekend of august, 
segue-way to …
Tony Moly’s GT series 02 in 어 스 or earth. this is the last of the 5 that i recently purchased as it was only recently available.  i made a reservation for it and the sm mega mall ladies were kind enough to send an sms that my reserved item has arrived.
it has a dark blue green tint and is speckled with red and a lot of tiny silver glitters.
depending on the light, the hue plays off into midnight blue or dark blue green.  the pictures can be clicked to be enlarged.  it’s kinda like combining the blue in opi’s stars of bombay and the shimmer in opi’s simmer shimmer in one polish.
it’s this and the violet one, jupiter, that i really like.  mars is ok, just a goopier than the rest to apply.  now i know why it’s always out of stock, it’s one of the best in the series ^_^

what’s on your nails this week?

PS this is 300++ in case some asks, still slightly cheaper than say orly or opi and for the content than essie’s


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