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 i bought the etude house stick this year, i completely forgot i had one from skin food O_o

 but at least i have an opportunity to do this comparative review.
Below is a swatch of etude house’s pink bling bling stick, it’s shimmery but more on a satin finish and has a more pastel pink hue

 while below is the skin food’s swatch.  it’s a paler pink with much bigger glitters

 a side by side swatch

table time!

Aspect Etude House Bling Bling  Eye Stick Skin Food Eye Glimmer Stick
Consistency creamier to apply slightly drier, the big glitters make it more difficult to apply in a nice smooth way
Coverage has more coverage than skin food’s  have to apply 2-3 layers before it covers the veins on my lids
Finish more satin-shimmery all glitter
Lasting Power all day, can oxidize (pink becomes darker) 2-3 hours and the pink is gone
Creasing none this cream shadow creases like it’s nobody’s business O_o even with normal powder shadow on top to set
Price affordable, the usual EH affordable price 300+ i got this at a 45% discount around 200++

let me just add that both shadow sticks do have glitters and they can get annoying if those glitters get in your eye.  they’re hard to pick out of my eye since they’re sticky.  most of all the glitters are DIFFICULT TO REMOVE.  i have to use etude house’s lip and eye [makeup] remover and wash off my face with tony moly’s berry berry cleansing foam
for either stick i don’t suggest that you apply this on the inner corner of your eye specially on the tear duct.  it’s just too risky and you’ll end up with eye booger all day with the glitters right smack in the middle of them eye boogers, ick.   just apply a shimmer shadow like stila’s kitten or something.
i have the face shop’s shine dual eye color that has a cream shadow stick, too. but that one, too, applies better than the skin food one, and doesn’t crease LOL
will i repurchase?  naaah probably not, i’m more of a majolica majorca eye shadow girl or mineral eye shadows if i were to buy eye shadows over and over
do i recommend.  i recommend the etude house one.  it’s great on the budget and gives the eyes a cute shine that lasts.

cream shadows:  love it or hate it? 


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