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it’s interesting that the face shop philippines has finally stepped up their game by bringing in the bb creams the face shop Korea have had for a while now and have brought in the newer bb cream releases from the face shop. recently i purchased this, because i have oily combination skin.

click on the pic below of a bigger pic of the ingredient list.

i purchased the smaller of the two sizes because as you know i’ve got loads of these bb creams piling up.  it’s in an upside down tube.  a word to the wise, if you do not want to suspect your housemates of fooling with your stuff, check the items you purchase before you leave.  ALL BB CREAMS have that aluminum sticker thingies that cover the spout as proof of no prior use.  having said that, i didn’t on my bb cream and a month or two has passed when i finally tried this and saw it no longer has the protective seal.  so no, suggesting that it’s someone from the house, is insane.  so yeah, factory defect, that i can’t return.  

ah sea water, this is as close as i can get to the sea.  i’m not a beach person.  i’d rather travel for the scenery of a new city but hardly ever for beaches, unless it’s free.

what it looks like.  more like a foundation, a watery one. but once blended it has a powdery finish, a little like the maybelline bb cream.

here’s my mug before any cosmetic.  just the snail cream.
a shot of me with just the bb cream, need a little concealer under my eye circles? yeh just a little, it’s reflective, too!  for something just spf20 pa++, phfft.

and here’s the finished office/school look.  i just topped it off with the revlon colorstay mineral aqua FINISHING powder.  my mistaken order, but it’s working out well. review to follow.


  • very smooth and creamy to apply.
  • shade match
  • does not oxidize on me
  • is not cakey and does not cake up mid day when my oils come out
  • didn’t break me out (though i’ve received one feed back already that this broke her out)
  • coverage is medium to buildable
  • lasting.  but i’m oily in a bout 3 hours and i blot about 3times a day vs just two with my luminous from the skin shop or my expert triple from tony moly where i only need to blot once or at most twice in a shift.
  • pore coverage, makes my pore look smaller
  • i like the scent, baby powder like, very light
  • just spf20 pa++ for PhP400++ for a 20ml product well i guess that’s still better than Avon’s or Maybelline’s
  • as usual, the srp here in the Philippines for the face shop products.  but i got this because there was a promo involving Kim Hyun Joong so gora lang LOL
  • no security/protective seal on mine.  but that’ my bad, i didn’t check =( nope this wasn’t a tester, those have stickers that say testers and it was in a box pa.  so ghels, always check your items for any suspicious stuff, the way the body shop insists on opening your lip stick and checking if it’s cracked or melted.
  • only one shade
  • reflective
all for now folks!  how has your weekend been so far?

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