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as the name suggests it kinda supposed have an effect like this? well sorta. 
 well sorta. like the really fine shimmers are floating

 well it sorta got it right.  i just love how sosi it looks on my finger nails.  specially the old rose looking red shade.  the fine shimmers is gold! which makes it look like an old rose shade.  which i love. 
 this black one though got the thumbs up from my hubby, the way i guess, he liked my blinged up nails last week ^_^ (and even my cracked nail polish). his tastes are more progressive than mine!
each is 200+ i may get the one other color they have in this range which is on the lavender-purple color.  
i’m not entirely sure how something like this will be nail caring but i like it for the toned down yet different finish.  i even like the formula, it’s not too goopy and my shaky hands can go over my mistakes easily.  the formula reminds me of my lucid darling nail polishes 😉
but my next project is the face shop’s version of the cracked nail polish.  i’ve seen it on my office mate and the SA at the RobGale branch and the finish is way thinner than my previous cracked finish nail polish.  ay Nikki and Thiamere! nakaka-addict naman pala ang nail polish LMAO

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