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TAG! you’re IT baby! it what? it girl? cousin IT? LMAO after 10 years i finally get to one of my tags, i’m real sorry to the ones that tagged me previously.  i don’t do these things actually, just cuz i don’t know who to tag! and i don’t know the bloggers that read my posts well enough to tag them to assume they’d do it, i’m lame noh?
I was tagged by PeachyPinkSisters☺
This was difficult and i can’t count to 10, true, the Lord was kind enough to have given me 10 fingers, yet i couldn’t discount the items that i normally reach for. and hola 3 items from Tony Moly LOL.  so in this picture alone there’s more than 10 items. hahaha
in no particular order let me run them down. with links to their reviews.
2.) my nars orgasm
8.) my coastal scent’s bent liner brush the original one
9.) my tony moly gel liner (review to follow)
10.) my revlon colorburst lipsticks
pa singit naman ng tatlong ito LOL
11.) my rhoto cool redness reliever / lubricant eye drops
12.) and my love love love skin care: my snail cream
13.) and lately my revlon photoready in 003 Shell omg! anong glitters? wala namang glitters, i-shake kasi, k?
and there you have it my top current faves. lucky number 13 LMAO 😛  in this 
TAG! you’re it! The rules are:
  1.     Link Back to the Person who tagged you.
  2.     List your 10 favorite skin care/beauty products.  eh well i broke  that didn’t i 😛
  3.     Pass to 10 other Bloggers – I tag the following bloggers:
And here are the lovely ladies I’ll tag: hmmm i’ll tag the ones that actually have me on their blog list on the side, thanks so much ladies ^_^ and the ones i actively converse with either on blog/disqus or on twitter sorry if you’ve done this before na.
so here goes and in no particular order:
Tania-as in hero Tania of the Entropy blog (c’mon girl, you have stuff you generally reach for more than others?)
Erika Jjang – tumbler is fine 😉
such long shots that the ladies mentioned would do it? hahaha i don’t wanna assume too much.  but this was fun actually.  it made me think.  it made me think of my all time holy grail revlon colorstay liquid foundation with softplex spf 6 for oily combination skin as that one has gone with me to araneta hell and back and it stayed put.  but i’m out of it it didn’t sit well with some of my bb creams, it’s better to use that baby by itself (with just sunscreen under it).  so currently, i’m loving the photoready and the mineral aqua, so light on my skin, just need to test it (them under humid, hot, summer conditions, hmmm babalik naman ang super junior sa pinas di ba? til then!)


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