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 naaaah we didn’t eat this all in on seating.  hahaha i’d be in the hospital if ever!

ah kebab factory, did the cook at the Arya (podium branch) move to you?  i swear from the time you’ve opened til now your food is just way better than the Arya at the podium!

theBenj and I caught the tail end of the biryani festival, home sick as we were (of Singapore) of course we had to take advantage of this.  i ordered the mutton biryani (which they say they don’t normally serve, they only have beef, chicken, and lamb(?))

 and our usual sweet lassi 😉

then as a last treat, from my boss, we had a year ender at 7 corners at the crowne plaza.  last because no longer shall we be having these buffet lunches on a quarterly basis but will now be on a bi-annual occasion.  y’all have heard of the US stock market and the USD plummeting, right? so there.  hehehe naturally, i’d order the more exotic food, the lamb and roti. 

 a little miso soup and soy curd, the usual california maki with wasabi flavored fish eggs.  phhhft wala naman pinagkaiba.

last friday we also had dinner at Army Navy.  this has been making the blog rounds so i got curious.

can you say, bland?

bland.  eh well, if the people from the other side of the pacific (skipping Hi, of course) like it, then hmmm it must be bland!

i had the chicken borito.

theBenj had the burger without mayo.  hehehe may comment ba kayo sa seeds on the bun? ako meron! 😛

 it’s a burger.  total cost was PhP395 one borito, one burger and a coke.  next!

and of course, we it was a friday night and nothing good was on (movies i mean) so we generally head to our spot where we can chillax and that of course is what i completely replaced CBTL for, it’s Subspace Coffee House.  not only can my phone get internet at subspace (whereas my phone could never do so at CBTL regardless of branch) they run thai and korean movies here.  and of course they play kpop music.  

homaygha, i love love my dark choco mint!  i thought the mint would kill the dark choco and vice versa but nope, it was a great combo!

and theBenj’s.  maybe this is the way they have float in South Korea? with ice? like mcdo?

 i’m pretty sure you can request to have the ice removed next time, my man is quite the western in gastronomic taste so he really liked the taste of the float but next time he’d have it without the ice.

hehehe i’ve noticed that beauty bloggers, from here and abroad also chronicle their gastronomic travels! what have you had lately?


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