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As you know even before June ended i was giddy as a school girl that July was coming.

I feel super blessed about last month.

I saw Kylie Minogue in concert

theBenj and went to Singapore and I saw big bang and 2ne1

We caught the tail end of the ‘great’ Singapore sale 

We stayed at a really quaint, cozy, comfy, uber convenient hotel

We ate heartily at a famous, over a century old eatery, lol yes eatery, parang malinis na ongpin kasi eh, 

i did more shopping at the duty free

i had a blog giveaway and the winners have received their prizes.

       Janine has even tweeted her pic of her prizes already, thanks sweetie.

and i await for the rest to send a pic of their prizes.  even Anne from Sigma Makeup has sent me an email already claiming that the miss taylor kabuki brush has been shipped out.  so Issa should be getting that in about 2weeks or less! 

and on this month, too, i won a chance to join an airbrush makeup workshop.  I was lucky enough to meet Nikki of and Sophie of and learn about Glambox Airbrush Makeup


as if that wasn’t enough, i took a chance and joined one of Irene’s twitter giveaways, AND WON!

and today my twitter prize from Irene of youtube and twitter’s pinkiecharm arrived.  a Mac Cremesheen glass.  

cool! i’ve never owned a mac, i think it’s too high end LOL yeah kick me please as i own stila stuff, thanks to  Irene by the way, aaaand you’ve been reading my blog posts about clinique and shu hahaha LMAO.

mind you i don’t smoke and you’ve seen me without lip products so that’s the cremesheen one coat on my lips.  i like the feel, it’s not sticky at all.

and now it’s august, it hasn’t picked up yet, but who knows.  this august, the anxiety surrounding the final week of it is just bleh.

all i can say now is, i can’t wait for DECEMBER!  this kikay traveler will be traveling once again to Hong Kong with her theBenj.  maybe the sasa there will offer more than the sasa at Sg? LOL


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