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what it looks like full size

once applied.  the content actually looks like a bb cream and it’s lightly scented on the berry side

but the next Monday after our wonderful weekend getaway. =(

i brought 3 of these sachets because i thought, purrrrfect for my trip, it’s such a space saver to just have sample sachets, better for airport security not to check if your liquids is over 100ml, better for storage, after you use it you’ll just throw it in the bin, less stuff for airport security to check upon your trip back and more space for you to buy new stuff.

eeep, i forgot i’m sensitive to too much sunscreen. i apply this after washing, toning, and applying snail cream from it’s skin (also in a sample sachet) i’d apply this sun screen then bb cream with spf, too.  i really love the slight berry scent and the creamy texture similar to that of a bb cream. and i really wanted it to work out so badly because i stayed matte all freakin day [but then i was in SG, it’s clean over there]! i can’t say the same for my neutrogena.

but at least i only have this in sample sachets.  i may have to skip in buying the full size one and go back to my tried and tested neutrogena ultra sheer

do i recommend this? definitely, if you’re not sensitive to high spf formulations then go, you may love the acai berry scent and other antioxidants infused in this sunscreen

will i reuse [i mean use the sachets i have left]- actually yes, lmao, if it’s just one day instead of daily then i figure it won’t break me out.


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