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Disclaimer: this product was sent to me to try out.  i am not paid for this review. i was NOT hired to do this review either. this is my honest review of this product that i’ve tried daily for at least 5days.  I will have an over all review on the skin shop’s bb creams that were sent to me by the end of the month or at least by the first week of August posted on my youtube channel.
Product Description:

Functional cosmetics (whitening+wrinkle alleviation+ultraviolet rays blocking)
– Multi functional product that offers whitening, wrinkle alleviation ultraviolet rays blocking effects
– Protects the skin against hazardous external environment, and turns the skin into clear and bright 
skin with natural covering ability. 
– Rice bran, papaya extract etc., supplies nutrition to the skin, turning the skin bright.
– Size : 40g
– Skin type : for all skin types
– Method of use: Take small amount after applying basic make-up and spread on the face and neck.
the price after conversion from the forex calculator:
24,000 South-Korean Won = 970.685 Philippine Peso
similar to the MAGIC SCIENCE BB CREAM SPF25 PA++ this magic bright bb has similar packaging to skin79.  has a stopper at the spout of the pump.  LOL sorry got lazy to clean up mine but it does work to keep from accidental pumping and spurting out of the product [dang why does that sound nasty when said in one sentence???]

the product.  it’s like a thick foundation, on the watery side

but easy to spread, it has medium to build-able coverage, it covered my green vein like a luminous veil.

it’s scary white? but i didn’t put any on my neck, so i’m kinda pleased as punch that it matches the fair skin on my neck.

but it’s reflective, well sorta, i guess i can pull it off. LOL

topped off with my favorite revlon colorstay mineral aqua (i swear that thing has not escaped my bag since i got it except for when i reviewed/photographed it LMAO) and with no flash below.

and with flash.

the finish reminds me of my lioele silky highlighter bb touch.  this and the lioele silky highlighter bb touch i would say that are for evening wear.  this has more brightening than the ‘luminous’pure bb also from the skin shop.  i definitely prefer this magic bright, the luminous pure bb [and of course the lioele] than the face shop’s hydrosplash bb, that one was just plain white on my face and do not give me a healthy glow like this magic bright bb does.

  • the packaging and the pump stopper
  • the very very as uber mild scent of baby powder, once blended out the scent dissipates so anyone opposed to scented face products may still go for this
  • didn’t break me out, no new millia, no new white of black heads
  • true to the name, it is brightening
  • spf of 30 with pa of ++ which ok for night time and indoors 
  • this one imho, lasts the longest of the 4 that was sent to me
  • oil control is best with this of the 4 sent to me
  • did not oxidize on me
  • it actually photographs well, noh? but in real life it doesn’t look ‘natural’ since i look like i’m going out on a night on the town [all i need is a smoky eye makeup and i’d be set LMAO]
  • coverage is medium to buildable, good pore coverage
  • does not cake up through out the day
  • currently not locally available
  • currently 24,000 South-Korean Won = 970.685 Philippine Peso but the 30,000 is crossed out for consumers on their site so it may or may not go back up to that price so, this bb cream is quite expensive even at the ‘reduced’ price of SKW24,000 so imagine buying that fr online seller who would mostly mark up the price even just a little bit?
  • anti wrinkle – only used for 5 days and my under eye wrinkles are from laughing or smiling too hard LMAO 
  • nutritive value – i only used it for 5 days so i hardly noticed any difference, besides i’ve been using their snail cream. huwaow, now that i love.  review on that coming up this week.
Do I recommend: if you’re an nc20 or lower for mac liquid foundation shade [translation buff or lighter for revlon colorstay liquid foundation shade, shell for photoready, sand for bobbi brown] then you can pull off wearing this bb cream, if not, then their magic science bb cream with spf 25 pa ++ would suit anyone with possible nc25 for mac honey for revlon

Will I purchase: i may but i think i wanna try their sebum control, (not sent to me) it’s called iris color control & bb cream [please don’t ask me why it’s called iris, LMAO they just feel like it siguro]


i’m planting easter eggs in my blog posts which will be part of my contest giveaway.  para walang mahirapan, the easter eggs will be in the-skinshop series of reviews, and 10 most read reviews which can be found on the right hand side of my blog, my blogspot.  and it will actually be an image of an egg and right next to it a little fact about myself or my reviews that i will ask when i post the contest.  hahaha as if naman bonga mga prizes, but who knows you may just like it ☺♥  and they’re not korean cosmetics, so at least for non-k-cosmetics lovers out there, it would still be enticing for you.


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