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Now this is walking distance from where i work! BonChon Chicken now has a branch that just opened yesterday.  No photo booth as of yesterday like they had in Mega, but the dude pointing in the previous pic apologized for that and said yesterday was sort of a soft launch.

we actually got there around 11:20 already the place was filling up.  i did warn my officemates that if the mega branch was any indication of the queues at this restaurant, then we had better get there early. so we did.

my order and the usual preferred order of many the crunchy spicy chicken wings! i took the meal, this one comes with a drink, mine was iced tea and 1 rice for PhP135.  extra rice costs PhP15 which i recommend you order, the spice and the amount of chicken given (3pcs) will make you order more rice.

Ria’s order.  the fillet breasts.  PhP145 with drink hers was iced tea as well.  she ordered the spicy flavor for her chicken, like i did

and Jule’s order the drumstick also PhP145 and comes with a free drink.  Jules wanting to try out both varieties asked for one drumstick to be hot and spicy and the other to be garlic something.  LOL it was consensus among us that the hot and spicy is better than the garlic flavored breading.

Crunchy spicy.  at least my two office mates understood why i’ve been harping on this since i saw their tarp/sign saying soon to open at rob gale.

Anyone else have gone to the Rob Gale branch?



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