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As some of you may know theBenj and I went to Singapore last weekend because i had booked to see big bang and 2ne1 at the recent korean music wave.  Coincidentally, we caught the second to the last weekend of the great Singapore Sale. I was hoping to do the rounds for my Korean cosmetics that aren’t available in manila

Unfortunately, Nature Republic has closed shop in Sg and I couldn’t find Lioele’s kiosk as their FB page merely said their kiosk is at the ‘arcade’ ah well, it’s cheaper from anyway.

our hotel gives free rides to orchard road every morning so after breakfast we were on our way to orchard road.  

naturally, since the Bench ads, Philippine Volcanoes were such a hot issue in Manila, the moment i saw this picture and woah the size of it on the side of the mall’s wall, i just had to take a pic of it

and a pic of it with it, yes folks two pics of this one main one seen above and a side wing wall one without the abercrombie & fitch bwahahaha

as much as possible i wanted to accommodate the shopping wishes of theBenj so hardly would i drag him to clothes and shoe/bag places and only when we’d see sephora then i’d go in

so we had to pass by:

 but hehehe i was the one who ended up buying stuff, not much on offer in the store that’s part of the great SG sale here, =(

then we passed by 

not much going on here either, according to theBenj, Fullybooked in Mla is better than Borders, Sg.

As most of you may know Orchard road is a long stretch of road that has mostly shops, it’s like ayala ave only filled with malls instead of offices.  so for mirienda and to rest our tired legs and feet we passed by:

hehehe don’t ask how much this was, thank the gods it was quite good LOL

he eventually did buy 1 casio g-shock and a few straps.  for that purchase, he did get a significant discount compared to buying the same item here weeeheee i got to wear it on the day we were to go home 😉

so while breezing through the malls i found this:


and the store itself! all the items are on 20% off as part of the Great Sg Sale!

my purchases didn’t go over Sg$50 after the discount my total purchase at this holika holika store was only 47.  i’m stupid, i shouldn’t’ve gotten at least that so i can get their membership card, specially when i was already just Sg$3 close to 50 anyway.  hay, i was trying to not spend it all in one store, labo.

so i got these:

and for my purchases they gave me 3 “clear” files, 2 feather pens, and 1 poster LMAO, i couldn’t to the amount worthy of getting a free umbrella :

and the flip side of the “clear” files: weee they too have that givenchy phenomeneyes mascara

i also found the brand endorsed by Jpop idol Arashi member, Matsumoto Jun, Fascio, photo taken at BGH mall if i’m not mistaken

so definitely, i got that mascara he’s holding!  well, i like Japanese products, if only they weren’t so pricey! this one was about Sg$19, not part of the Sg sale =(

i also found a l’egere stand/kiosk.  but their products weren’t on sale either but at least it’s there, and i don’t have to go all the way to Tw to get some l’egere products LOL. photo taken at BGH mall as well if i’m not mistaken.

i got some knick knacks, too at mini bits.  they had a store wide sale as part of the gss.

the key chain is for my mom while the star necklace, well kinda reminded me of the necklace given in the korean drama you’re beautiful:

i think i went to about 4 watson’s before finally giving up in looking for missha =( but while at different watson’s i was able to find the kate/kanebo bb cream and mineral foundation.  this brand is part of the GSS and the promo is to buy 3items, whatever of the 3 is cheapest you get that for free instead [so buy2 get 1] i saw Pam’s review of the bb cream so LOL i had to try it, too! LOL and this isn’t available in manila yet as far as i know.

 and i think it’s this one i did get for free.  LOL i love that it’s an all in one eye pallet [meaning it has eye brow powder, too]

i grabbed these, too when i saw them!  finally and hopefully, putting on false lashes will be a breeze **crosses fingers!**

and in another watson’s i found this.  i got a mark down on this, instead of paying Sg$23.50 i only paid Sg$20 something.  booh it has no spf nyahahaha well it would kinda negate the rest of the sunscreens, now wouldn’t it?

these were the stuff we got on ‘sale’ naaah it’s actually cheaper from kkochipida and our watson’s here.  i just got these since they aren’t available here, and kkochipida isn’t given the privilege of getting posters/”clear” files with her contact’s purchases in SK, well as far as i know, so don’t quote me on that.

I also got a few stuff from our duty free and the duty free at Changi.  I’ll post those in a different post.  This post is for the SG yearly ‘great’ sale.  

a few things to note while i was there:

  1. we walked up and down orchard road and the malls until we couldn’t walk but my face didn’t get dirty at all.  my makeup didn’t budge, and when i took it off at night, it was still just the make up on the cotton pad, therefore, the air is smog free there.  [no cars older than 5yrs as per their law except for some groovy old cabs from the 70’s]
  2. clothes are cheaper here in manila, specially at forever21
  3. no spitting, i super dig that!

next post would either be my experience at the Korean Music Wave or my Duty free small haul.  LOL depending on the arrival of my sd card LOL.  

was it worth the trip? definitely, i loved the shopping experience even though my purchases wasn’t as big as my haul back when i arrived from Bkk.  i loved how clean it was over there.  i got to spend the weekend with theBenj in a different country try out different food and i finally got to see 2ne1 and of course big bang!

How was your weekend?


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