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Disclaimer: this product was sent to me to try out.  i am not paid for this review.  this is my honest review of this product that i’ve tried daily for at least 5days.  I will have an over all review on the skin shop’s bb creams that were sent to me by the end of the month or at least by the first week of August posted on my youtube channel.

Product Description:

Functional cosmetics (Whitening + Wrinkle improvement + UV protection)-As triple functions BB cream, it makes dull skin into gleaming skin and elasticity and protect skinfrom external harmful UV rays

Portulacae herba and wheat extracts give skin purification effect and present vivid and livelylooking skin

Honey extract gives high nutrition and helps keep vital skin

Size : 40g-Skintype : all skin types

How to use: After using the basic skin care products, pour a generous amount of BB cream intoyour palm. Apply small amount of BB cream all over the face. Particularly, cheeks, nose, forehead and chin to maximize the balance and gorgeous look of skin.Apply thin layer of BB cream under eyes, nose, T-zone areas and any area that needs coverage for perfect looking skin.
My thoughts on this bb cream:

I love the pump spout on this, the spring inside is so easy to control and you can have a big or small squirt

it’s the usual creamy consistency that comes out a tad dark

but once blended, it will appear like a soft veil on your skin.  this one is only slightly darker on my skin but not as dark as the Magic Science BB Cream  but it’s also not as fair as the PREMIUM SECRET BB CREAM SPF37 PA+++ either.  the luminosity you see below can be reduced depending on the

 as below, that you can hardly see any luminosity or glow 😉

a mugshot of me without flash below with just the bb cream and a little concealer under my eyes.

and a shot of me with the flash turned on.  awww i like this pic of me and it’s very rare that i like a pic of myself or as they say selca [for self-cam LOL]

and without flash with a more finished face.  it’s able to match the shade of skin on my face to my neck and chest

and with flash:

i like how evened out i ended up using this bb cream.  though the luminosity is hardly there.  the l’egere white multi bb has more glow and so does the lioele silky highlighter touch bb.  but somehow, looking at my own pics, i like the effect.  it’s matte but not really, it’s sorta some kind of satin finish, which for someone who has oily combination skin but would like a dewy finish, this ‘luminous’ bb cream did the trick, imho LOL.


  • the pump! it’s so easy to control
  • the scent it’s back to the herbally-citrusy scent like the premium one
  • didn’t cause any break outs on me
  • photographs well, imho
  • medium to buildable coverage, pores were less visible as well
  • is not cakey
  • shade match is very good, imho
  • lasted all day
  • oil control is so so, my nose got oily but my forehead and chin remained dewy looking
  • did not oxidize 
  • has spf of  45! and a pa of +++ just like my tony moly expert triple 😉
  • packaging – it isn’t your average plastic squeeze tube, there’s hard plastic surrounding it, this thing won’t get crushed in my bag.
  • can’t say about the nutritive value since i only used it for 5days and i’m using their snail cream so if my skin has been behaving lately i would attribute it to their wonderful snail cream


  • currently not locally available, but dear friends, my suki – is looking into it for us 😉 wish her luck!
  • it’s SKW29000  [29,000 South-Korean Won = 1,178.41 Philippine Peso] so by the time it arrives in Manila expect the price to go higher

Do I recommend: indeed, i can’t stress enough how i like the not so matte but not completely dewy either finish, so for people like me who has oily combination skin but still want that glow, this bb cream may be able to do that for you.

Will I repurchase:  LOL i’m confused now, i liked the PREMIUM SECRET BB CREAM SPF37 PA+++ a great deal and now i’m using the MAGIC BRIGHT BB CREAM SPF30 PA++ and i’m really liking that, too.  not too dewy more on glowy.  LOL review coming on that by next Monday or Tues.

I think i’ve covered most of the aspects concerning  facial products of a foundation, sunscreen, and balming or healing aspects of a bb cream but should you have any further questions kindly leave them below ♥




  1. I had not tried this. The one I am currently using is Face It by The Face Shop. It feels a bit heavy at first, but it gives me a pearly sheen…. anyway, I like it, but it gave me some breakouts… just two on my face… it sucks. I should stop using it, right? But I had to admit, my smile lines faded a bit.

    • this is quite a rare bb cream as it’s sold here in the philippines, singapore and korea on a limited basis. true there are more available bb creams like the ones from the face shop. but like any brand if your skin is sensitive to any of their products you should stop using it. 🙂

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