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weeee! it arrived

I joined the Sigma Affiliate Program and as an incentive anyone who signs up to be an affiliate can fill up their incentive on their blogger site:  because i already have some followers on here and specially on my youtube channel: where i actually got started.

and this Miss Taylor Kabuki is what they saw on their table that I should get 😀  

And I quote:

“As part of the Incentive Program, you also qualify for the Miss Taylor Kabuki for a giveaway. If you chose to do a giveaway, please email me the link once it has been set up. Please send me the name and address of the winner once they have been chosen, and I will send the product to them directly.” – Annie”

and here’s the miss taylor:

the metal tubing can be retracted / pulled down to reveal and expose the synthetic flat top kabuki brush

thank heavens i now have something to travel with this weekend LOL.  so ladies, this will be your first prize if you join and win my contest. deets will be posted 3rd or 4th week of July.

So like what i mentioned of my things to do this July in my ‘just like that, it’s July!’ post, [Kylie has come and gone, super miss her! and this weekend is my trip already to see big bang, 2ne1, MissA, and FTIsland! I’m already on my 3rd bb cream trial from the skin shop.  so i think i’m making pretty good time.

I’ll see if i can get a few things from that great Singapore sale to add as 2nd and 3rd prize winnings.  I do hope people would join.  i don’t bite, well, depends on the situation, LOL

Recently as well i got this! thanks to Jhed! thanks a bunch baby!

doesn’t it look posh? nicely packaged!

and tadaaaahhh leader’s light stick!

i sincerely hope to see him on August when he comes back.

or here:

oh well miracles do happen =(



  1. Hopefully you’ll be including some BB creams as your giveaway prizes. 😉

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