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Another Tony Moly Eyeshadow trio feature just like what i did for their Tony Moly Triple Dome Baked Eye Shadow in Romantic Khaki


I always wonder why their baked shadows are so finely milled and pigmented compared to other brands, then i stopped and just accepted LOL.  no fall out either.  it has a nice sleek packaging and fits snugly in my kikay kit 😀

for those who can read hangul, LOL on the borrowed-not-so-exact-spelling to hangul characters, it’s funny and cute at the same time: pa-ti law-bawe turipol dom ah-ih shado-u 😉

Again, for something baked, the shadows are very easy and almost creamy to apply.  not chalky or chunky at all.  yet, it gives the same satin-slightly shimmery finish that the baked shadow fad promises.

i find it very pretty, and it makes me feel i have a 60’s inspired make up on.  sorta faded or washed out lids with only my liner that’s dark.  which by the way, on my eye, it’s the tony moly gel liner in #4 a sorta midnight blue liner.  it’s dark kinda looks like it’s black but isn’t.  la lang for a change 😉  i’m loving that cream gel liner, how it isn’t exactly black but really dark at the same time.  and it’s so creamy to apply.

and the total look 😉

LOL i don’t know why this look make me think of a 60’s look 😛

I’m sorta excited for tomorrow.  haven’t been excited like that for an event since hehehe Oct 7, last year at republiq at resort’s world.

What are you wearing on your face today?


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