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the usual sweldo day, and i’m off to the shops.  i first went to odyssey and got me leader’s new album.  his first solo one away from his former boy group, SS501.  i do my best to buy korean cd’s locally to help the industry to remain to keep the labels bringing these in the country and hopefully these labels would bring the artists here as well.

i also went to the face at the mega mall branch.  the girls there know me and treat me well. ahem robinson’s gale. i got the OR201 gloss finish lippie from the face it line.  they kept that for me since i am addicted to their 201 LOL.  it’s quite comparable to the etude house tangerine lippie in #13.  

at the face shop and odyssey there are freebies, such as that poster and the face shop notebook.  hay, i’m still sore over the fact i couldn’t haul my booty to the megamall this weekend because my saturday morning got ruined.  and therefore not only did i miss the flash ‘mob’ my girls, the triple s philippines had for leader’s album launch, i missed out on the free bag [like one of those eco bags] that come with purchase of the album.  hay bad trip. but oh well, like i keep saying sige na nga that was last saturday.  today though, that driver that woke me up last saturday didn’t think i was home, so i had to get up from bed after being hung over from Kylie’s concert last night, and tell him not to warm up the car in the garage since the smoke will get in the room.
so when i got these i got the poster and bought enough from the face shop to get the notebook and enough sun screen in sachets for my weekend out of town 😉  they also gave a mask and samples of their phytogenic foundation.  that generally means i don’t need to bring foundation and sunscreen for my trip.
i passed by tony moly, too.  i was interested in their snake finish [well cracked finish] nail polish.  but they only had it in white, i prefer darker shades.  they also have something similar to the 3D and hologram nail polish…tadaaah below:

i’m loving super loving the nail colors, i’ll probably get more shades and grab that one from tony moly anyway.    i got a new i’m fine eye liner, just cause my other dried up on me and i can’t wait for the preorder for my lioele which is on it’s way out, too.  and for a minimum of 500 bucks i got the aloha facial tissues, awesome, cuz i’m running out of my herb facial tissues from the faces shop.

aaaaand the flip side:

LOL, i just had to get the hello kitty maybelline mascara.  of course i had, too! and it’s at 20% price off so i grabbed the chance.  and i got the sparkling mag.  i almost got two because of the covers.  so no, i don’t have much love that the sparkling mag is a flippy.
yawwwwn, still sleepy, had an allergy attack today so i had to sleep it off (:
(and oh by the way, if you follow me on twitter, you might remember i bought some stuff from the l’oreal head office sale at our bldg.  i didn’t take pics of that since i’ll include some of the items from that haul in my giveaway at the end of the month.)


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