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Disclaimer: this product was sent to me to try out.  i am not paid for this review.  this is my honest review of this product that i’ve tried daily for 5days.  I will have an over all review on the skin shop’s bb creams that were sent to me by the end of the month or at least by the first week of August posted on my youtube channel.
this bb cream is part of the package that was sent to me 2weeks ago.  i love love the smell of this.  it smells citrusy-herbal but mild at the same time.
the product description is on their site
the consistency and the initial shade reminds me of my l’egere white multi bb cream.  it spreads as creamily too.  the coverage is medium to build-able.
a picture taken with the flash turned on.  yikes, reflective LOL.  well just a little, i can still pull it off.
and without flash,  i used my etude house minisize pore u serum & emulsion under the bb cream.  i must say the combination of the two [three actually] sorta brightened up my skin a bit.
there is some pore coverage on top of what was already given me by the etude house minisize pore u serum & emulsion combo. as promised i’d try this and any bb cream for at least a week to give my skin a chance to think about it. it’s been a week and no new humongo black heads for me to dig out.  
hehehe this bb cream is what i’d recommend for normal everyday where where you have your pic taken anyway.  it looks so natural on me on natural lighting.
the finish is midway between matte to satin/sorta dewy finish.

  • omg, the pump.  i love the pump on this thing.  it can squirt the smallest amount and if you press deeper then it would squirt out more.  it’s quite similar to the pump of the missha perfect cover bb cream.
  • the scent! omg, i love how clean, citrusy-herbally scent
  • i love the natural look well except in flash photography.  
  • 50g for something priced at SKW26000 roughly PhP640 O_O wow. so expect your online seller to sell this at at least PhP750, at the very least, please give them some mark up value for their shipping and contact(s) in SK
  • the coverage is ok if you have nearly flawless skin.  if you have pimple scars, you will still need a concealer with better coverage like what i do… i still apply concealer on the gray pimple scars
  • shade match, doesn’t look grayish on me
  • did not oxidize on me throughout the day
  • great make up base and top it off with my revlon colorstay mineral aqua
  • i didn’t oil up too much, but i did get the heavy feeling of oiliness in about 4-6 hours
  • did NOT break me out, no new black or white heads, no millia.
  • the finish, i like the not completely matte but only slightly dewy.  my office mate once noted that she doesn’t like the matte finish on me too much [i was wearing the shu uemura bb at the time]  but while i was trying this out, she didn’t comment, in fact 3 of my office mate tried this on the back of their hands and noted how wonderful it applies and the nice finish 😉
  • spf37 with a pa of +++ enough for just an indoors-y girl that i am
  • just one shade for now
  • currently not available locally
  • reflective on flash photography
Do I recommend: I would certainly recommend this.  considering the feedback i received from at least three of my office mates they like it, i like it, it’s likely you would, too.
Neutrals – thanks for the neutrals idea @Sugar 😉  the whitening, didn’t try it long enough to see i became even more fair, that would be frightening?  Anti-wrinkle.  Didn’t try it long enough if it would work on the lines under eye.  
I’m pretty sure i covered most of the basic questions about face products in this post, but should you have any further questions, feel free to leave them down below.  
What bb cream have you tried lately?

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