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bawal mag picture taking, it’s their own concept daw. lmao it looks like the usual buffet to me, apart from the chandelier, i prefer the buffet ‘CONCEPT’ at se7en corners. so iphone users pretend to text hahaha while taking a picture of this concept that isn’t that original anyhow hahaha. c’mon it’s a buffet.
you can have a room reserved for families and office type events like what i had last friday with the office mates. there’s a ‘smokeless’ grill per table.  well i must say, my hair didn’t end up smelling like food, i think.
the japanese food. well it’s japanese food, it’s not orgasmic or anything, but it was filling.
uuyyss naturally, i went for the korean food! i loved the ‘entrees’ specially the baby tomatoes. not really a kimchi fan so i skipped it. the spicy sweet squid is a deeeelight 😉
the barbecue stuff
well after LOL it shrank! of course.  i super love love love the Samgyeopsal [korean bacon]  it wasn’t drab, it wasn’t bland.  one of the office mates asked why is fat so tasty? seon-saeng-nim: i’d tell you but you’d hate me [all the freakin more, nyahahaha]  ok naman yung bbq stuff i picked, the salmon was fresh, the chicken was well marinated into spicy sweet deeelish, but the squid?  it still had its spine.  and it didn’t seem fresh since it was all too slimy even after i almost over grilled it.
oh they have a chinese food selection. i skipped that, since, ahm seriously, though i’m part chinese, i’m not into chinese food. too oily, imho.
aaaanndd the dessert. phhhfftt.
the only thing i liked was the coffee jelly, but i was the only one who liked it.  most of the office mates found it too bitter and too thick/stiff for jelly.  but i was in consensus with them that the mousse and the blue berry cheese cake is a complete and utter fail.  crap those two were such complete wastes.  the custard in the middle of the mousse had too much knox gelatin that you hardly tasted the chocolate, and the crust? what crust.  while the ‘cheese’ cake? what cheese? same story too much knox gelatin, if that’s they used.
my verdict? i’m not gonna eat here anytime well unless it’s free [again].  soon as i was told i couldn’t take photo’s some dude had his big ass nikon and was taking pix.  i sure told the waiters, oi teka, ba’t ako di pwede yung mga dslr pwede? baka gusto nyong magtawag ako ng manager!
too bad i was actually stoked to come here since boss Az was here during it’s grand opening a couple of months ago.  the food is nothing special, your classic rai rai ken and kimono ken just across the way or a floor down [at podium] has way better japanese food.  as for the korean food, i’m taking my money at song-do or minato both found in ortigas.

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