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Still on the peach, orangey, tangerine mode LOL
these shades are part of the stuff i bought during etude house’s grand 20% off sale a while back.
hmmm too orangey on the pix, but actually it really is more of a peach in the bottle and on my fingers.
as i’ve said before, i love the formula of the lucid darling fantastic nails.  while the petite darling was just a pain.  either that or i’m just still so new at this nail painting business that i’ve yet to master the art of timing and applying. as much as i love the shade it was just difficult for me.  it was goopy to apply and dried rather thickly.  no need for a top coat though.  i made a mistake of applying a top coat on my left had and now it’s all effed up with impressions from the sheets or towels or cat hair or golden retriever hair.  thank the gods of olympus i took the pix before i effed up my nails LOL.  i love this OR203 peachy orangey shade, imma gonna wear this over and over no matter how it gets me annoyed hahaha
that’s all for now.  
how’s your stormy weekend so far?

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