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Woot another Tony Moly eyeshadow look.  My last one was for a subtle classy graduation party look using the tony moly self smokey collection


This is trio pallet is thanks to the good taste of Charmaine of Kkochipida.


as with the previous eye shadows that i’ve tried from Tony Moly, that’s baked.  i got the same really pigmented and satin-y finish.  i love the pink and the bronzey sorta golden green.  the lightest shade though is a little chunky chalky shimmery.


but from afar it looks just fine, so i guess i’m just crazy-paranoid


the day i took this pic i had on tony moly products, their triple expert bb cream, their bb whipping bb, their eye primer, and this eye shadow trio


except for the eyeliner and possibly the mascara, the make up doesn’t feel like anything at all.


i like the coverage of the combination of triple expert bb cream and teh whipping bb.  it makes me looks finished without looking too heavily made up.  the bronzy greenish gold is just an added sparkle.  but i can wear just the pink and the white shimmery champagne shade and that’s just fine.

it was quite a sunny day when i took these pix.  the rains will eventually stop, well eventually, then we’d be complaining how hot it is outside again.  hahaha there’s really no pleasing us, huh?

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