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Some of you that visit my channel and view my videos may have noticed that i usually do reviews on bb creams.  well, after a while, and even with not too many views, i still got noticed.  This time i was noticed by this rather new Korean Cosmetics company called The Skin Shop.  their website is  they contacted me through the youtube messaging system and asked me if i had heard of them.  well, i have, either in passing or i simply mistook the person mentioning it as a typographical error.  i actually thought the person who mentioned it meant either skin food or the face shop.  sorry po, tao lang 😉
so, they sent me another message asking me if i was willing to try their products.  eh alam mo nayan, [and you know what that means].  i agreed.  and thought that was the end of it.  oooops they’re for real.  for the life of me, the dude sending me youtube messages actually put their site on the messages but i didn’t pay a visit.  til this package arrived.
ah Koreanong periodico [South Korean newspapers]
bubblewrap! my cats are happy naooo!
tadaaahhh, nak nang, weh, i thought they would be sending me samples not the full sized products!
ahmmm laway ng su-so, snail slime OMG and i thought only TM had that hahaha [TM’s version is live snail chorva].
bb cream
bb cream
and even the snail slime has a bb cream, well i meant there’s a bb cream under the recovery line [with the snail slime thing].
Mukhang mapapalaban ako ah [this looks like a challenge]  both I and my winxp pc’s as in both big mama and baby laptop both of  whom, i think, actually hate me as in despise me when i start editing my videos with cyberlink powerdirector.  dear batman, i’m sorry, but once again, ikaw na bahala hahaha.


  1. Cool! 😀 I’d be happy if anyone gives me just sample products and you got full-sized tubes of those goodies. Galing! 😀

  2. ey there, indeed, i was truly surprised with this set. i’ll be posting the reviews starting next week 😉

  3. wow galing..
    I really admire you ate for your reviews. hoping that I can actually discuss with you some men cosmetic.

    • hi Zack.
      sure, i’ll include my hubby in some of my trials so i can at least comment if it works on a guy or not. but you’re most welcome to discuss men’s products with me 😀

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