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As promised Tony Moly now has a standee of Song JoongKi woot!  and hopefully soon there will be posters and membership cards with Song Joongki on them 😉


last friday we had a healthy dinner at Pho Hoa


i can’t tell you how much theBenj and I loved this beef stew with noodles.  the beef was absolutely tender, it didn’t have that ango/gamy after taste or smell.  and the noodles were cooked to al dente perfection.


sidings if you prefer.  but we didn’t need it because the beef didn’t taste gamy at all.


our other order, the vermicelli with barbecued pork.  yummmmm.  hehehe underneath it all is a vegetable delight.  eh even theBenj ate some of the veges!  



yes, i’m a doctor who geek.  i’m a trekkie, procedural show, doctor who/torwood, kpop, foodie, and makeup fan.  anymore questions? hahahah and yeah, big bang, since they’re still together and still making music that drown out the noise from the younger generation in our office, they are the group i currently follow hahaha.  those cards are actually bag tags, really finely printed bag tags with pictures of our kpop idols on there.  


and finally, here’s my dad.  we had lunch at mega mall, at the savory branch there near toy kingdom, at the lower ground level.  actually, we meet every month, it just so happens that, wouldn’t you know it, today is father’s day, too.


theBenj treated us to a hearty lunch.  the savory chicken i remember and mixed seafood with broccoli.  spicy sweet shrimp and savory rice.  all were the usual savory great EXCEPT for the gravy.  kelan pa kayo gumamit ng mccormic sa gravy nyo, eeewww.  well, i said i’d avoid mega at all cost but today i’m certainly glad i didn’t.  i got to see my dad at his/my convenient meeting place, i got to see my hero Tania and Dek at the toycon and got a few goodies.  thanks to theBenj, i had a really great rainy sunday 😀


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