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Disclaimer: unless/until the proverbial ship comes in, i will always look for a dupe on my current addiction which is makeup.  furthermore, i haven’t tried the well documented urban decay primer potion neither have i tried the ‘other one’, the too faced shadow insurance.  nor will i shell out between US$18 [ulta etc] to US$34.94 [oh ha san ka pa amazon] for the udpp.  i won’t try the too faced shadow insurance either even at US$18 since neither are not here and i have to add for shipping, to boot! so hanap hanap.  sorry i haven’t tried the elf [] mineral eye primer, hehehe since my niche is Korean cosmetics nga hahaha.  this review is going to be about the tony moly eye primer.  how it performed and i can only compare it to my other other eye primers which are the ellana eye primer and the face shop’s eye shadow base that is part of their real secret perfect contour kit [pls click on the links for their respective reviews].


this eye primer from Tony Moly is almost tiny well almost.  i didn’t see how much content it has from the label. but according to their website, it’s 4g.  and below is a swatch of the product by itself.  it’s a very smooth and slick paste.  it’s very creamy to spread and blend out.  it dries rather quickly on the eye lids.


i’ve been using my not so great eye shadow pallet quad from elf, ok it’s really crappy, and i’ve been doing so since i got this eye primer.  as you can see below, with the primer underneath, the green shadow, the green becomes more vivid and you can see more of the sparkles from the vanilla champagne shade on the right as compared to the swatches without the primer underneath.


From the Tony Moly Website:

a crease-resistant formula holds pigment in place for long-lasting, stay-true color. Long lasting eye primer that keeps your eye makeup true to color while preventing creasing. It easily glides on the eye lid and the silky-smooth finish minimizes flaws and imperfections on the lid.

use fingertip to apply a small amount of primer to cover entire lid from lash to brow before applying eye shadow 

My Thoughts:

application-wise, this primer from tony moly applies just as easily and as creamily as the eye shadow base i have [and about to hit pan on] from the face shop.  but the tony moly primer dries a lot faster than the face shop’s.  so if you have this primer from tony moly work fast to blend and spread it ‘from lash to brow’  the eye primer from tony moly has better coverage than the face shop’s and ellana alike. 

coverage – this covers the capillaries that show through my eye lids more.  so i get a more even and a better ‘bare’ canvass for my lids than either of the previous eye primers that i have on hand.


  • packaging i like the sleek tiny tube.  i even like the shiny purply cap.  it has a doe foot applicator so i don’t have to dip my finger into the product like my previous two eye primers.
  • the name(?) seryoso? i laughed when i first saw it. ginoo, Berry Lovely talaga
  • no weird scent
  • IT WORKS, it makes even the crappiest eye shadows look more vivid and does the job of covering my violet capillaries that show through the skin of my eye lids.
  • it allows for even eye shadows with fall out to stick to my eyes. tadaaah

    compared to this Photobucket [using ellana eye primer]  though there is still some fall out upon application of the lucid darling pallet, there is no fall out throughout the day and the shadows do not fade throughout the day either
  • it applies so easily.  as some of you may know di ako maka get over sa inis with the putty consistency of my most recent primer.  but i still use it since nabili ko na.  but now hehehe no more. 


  • the price? PhP298 double the price of the ellana primer but oh well at least i’m no longer annoyed nyahahaha

Do I recommend:  sure i do, it’s a great addition to my travel kit since it’s so tiny and it works.

Will i repurchase:  yep, but i’ll also try out the etude one as well, well someday hahaha

What’s your recent Tony Moly purchase?



  1. My first ever Tony Moly product (which I’m still waiting to arrive) is the mini Tony Tint in Cherry. I think you made a review here, or in another one of your blogs. So yeah, I admit I’ve been stalking your blogs for sometime now. 😛 Haha. Took notice when I was looking for BB cream reviews and you seem to have an awful lot of those scattered all across the web. Anywho, good job with your blogs, keep it up! 🙂

  2. ey thanks, yep my main blog is but whatever i post there i put on here as well so that people can comment where ever they like and for back up purposes 😉
    thanks again ☺♥

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