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i got this as a gift from Tina my office mate last Christmas.  i loved the color since i first saw it.

and yes, the Hangul characters at the bottom of the bottle do spell out Supa Cawling 04 indeegoh LMAO


it’s a very fine glittery really silky to apply wonderful nail polish.  my ghad, i even successfully applied the thing on my right hand real pretty, too hahaha.


it’s an awesome electric blue.  it’s not chunky to apply.  it dries not too quickly and not to slow either.  just the right amount of time for the liquid to settle and pan out over my nail.  i love love love this formula.  it’s not streaky to apply, my mistakes were easy to cover with another thin coat.  the formula made even a klutz at applying like me made my nails look good. 


it only takes about one to two coats of this nail color, it’s really  opaque.  it’s also only PhP128, a good 30 bucks more expensive than their regular line of nail colors their petit darling nails but you also get a little more in content.  between this and around PhP400 for a bottle of OPI, you betcha it’s a clear choice.  it’s etude for me.  Etude House now even have the cracked nail polish just like OPI, i’ll check that out soon.


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