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Some of my blogger and kikay trekkie facebook page followers may not know that i actually started out on multiply and youtube when i started to publish my reviews apart from my reviews that is, hahaha kamusta na kaya account ko dun, malamang di parin ako nakaka US$100 to get paid LOL. dito na lang mas ok pa interaction and feedback from you lovely ladies 😉
But every so often, at least once or twice a month, i try to upload a video. LOL usually bb cream reviews, specially lately. sometimes, when my computer allows me and not crash my cyberlink powerdirector video editor, i do get to upload videos of myself Vlogging.
In line with this, this is my most recent video, since it’s june already, i wanted to update you guys from all the hauls i’ve been having this year, what among those purchases i’ve tended to grab or gravitate more often to.

and i my vid i said:

The makeup companies of the products i mentioned did not pay me to put their products on my video.

I purchased all of these with my own money hahaha which sorta means i either don’t eat lunch TOO much or not use my phone too much or something, ah, not have bought new clothes too much since my addiction to makeup bwahaha…oh scr.. it i won’t make a disclaimer, i don’t haz kids and i haz a stable jAb LMAO.

and added on the info box the information on my blog where the posts for the items mentioned in my video. a sort of midyear review on my current favorites.

Blog post on L’egere White Multi BB cream here

Blog post on Tony Moly Expert Triple BB cream here

Blog post Nars Orgasm Vs theBalm’s Hot mama here

Blog post on the Majolica Majorca Trick On Eye BR751 here

Blog Post on Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus here

Blog Post on the face shop lovely Me:ex eye shadow pallet

Blog Post on the face shop’s faceIt extreme rouge

Blog post on revlon color stay mineral aqua foundation

and my one miss of the stuff i’ve purchased so far this year:

Blog post on Ellana Minerals Eye Primer

and that’s what i did yesterday, well first i tried to catch the light, then i tried to wait for that dawg! barking in the background to simmer down and for less activity on the streets meaning less tricycles…but aisshhh, the dog is on crack and there was one tricycle that passed by.
though today i went with my family to rockwell hoping for a summer solstice bazaar

seriously, i have the multiply user on my rss feeds and seriously this was posted on june 2, 2011
hahaha i even replied to the multiply user, confirming if this thing was last year.  natural di na sumagot LMAO! ah well, bygones.  anyway, the family had to go to rockwell for a cooking demo.  AND  at least the body shop was there and there was a the face shop store!
i think i got an Essie Too Too hot dupe!
seriously, imma gonna post a nail of the day tomorrow.  

that’s all for now folks.  how’s your weekend so far!?


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