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thoughts & disclaimer: i will always keep an interest in ellana minerals just because they do sell quality mineral makeup at an affordable price and it’s filipino.  plus the fact that to me they are accessible since megamall is a stone’s throw away from where i work.  even my office mates have caught the ellana bug and have ordered samples from their site. so visit their site and see how simple it is to get samples from this company 😉  now for the post LOL.
Since up to now my tangerine collection is yet to be completed and currently [and still] i’m all over the corally-orangey ~ tangerine shades, i was only too peachy keen to have purchased this from the Ellana kiosk at the sm megamall bldg b hyper mart area.
it has three hole sifter from which the powder can come out from.  i opted to just have two open and moved the tape that covers it to the side but still covering one of the holes.
on the orangey side, yes? like the cream choux in #2.  this one has a matte finish
super natural looking and not jaundiced looking on my skin/complexion.
ah it’s love at first blush 😛
  • very inexpensive, PhP180 per 2.5g
  • the finish, it’s matte and since it’s mineral it helps absorbs my shine and oils throughout the day
  • lasts all day but i’m in an airconditioned environment, haven’t tried going outside for a long time LOL, that’s just not me 😛
  • the shade, it suits my complexion. the coral is warm enough to suit my complexion yet orangey enough to suit my current addiction to tangerine LMAO  and from my recollection the peachy coloring of this happiness shade is an almost perfect dup to the cream choux #2 of the tangerine collection from etude house LOL
  • no scent, this will suit people who are sensitive to scented stuff
  • the veil looking finish, yes it’s matte but since it’s also a mineral product it gives some sort of coverage but the coverage is natural looking and you can still see my skin.
  • very easy to apply with my baby kabuki fr theBalm
  • as with all mineral makeup, the nature of mineral makeup is my dislike.  it can be messy.  to think she only put in 3 holes for the sifter it can still scatter within the area above the sifter so i need to be careful in opening the lid
by the way, she accepts online orders for those who are too far away fr the sm branches from her website you can check out, too, if she ships internationally, so check out her site

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