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As some of you may have read my love for the face shop peachy coral 201 here where i raved about their FaceIt Extreme rouge and you betcha in 201 hehehe, so i was also interested in their nail polish of the same color family.
there you go. my left hand.  as i’m right handed my left nails would undoubtedly be painted better than my right hand LOL.  besides i’m holding the cam with my right hand
a hint of pinky peachy shimmer compared to our girly golden’s awesome red golden hair 😉
a shot in the sun.  yeeep that’s about as brief as i go directly under the sun.
wow in the picture my nails look nice huh?  i used the face shop’s nail base coat under the or201.  it made applying this 201 much easier.
the or201 is actually an almost clear pinky-peach nail polish with loads of golden and pink shimmers, very small shimmers.  it’s so pretty in the bottle and on the brush but almost painful to apply.

  • the price – yeah folks for once i’m not complaining about the face shop’s price, well not for their nail polishes anyway.
  • the shade.  though it didn’t payoff in the shade i was hoping for from what i saw in the bottle but somehow it suits my complexion
  • the shimmers – i love the golden and pink shimmers their tiny sorta and i love how the light can play off each glitter.
  • hasn’t chipped so far, so that’s bonus.
  • had a hard time applying this. it was streaky
  • can come of the brush in dollops so you can get a huge drop on your nail…this is due to the viscosity of the the nail polish itself.  it has glitters so it would be extra thick somehow.  so i have to go give it a good shake every so often.
Overall feelings on this nail polish:
I like the shade and glitters and the way the light plays off of it, but it’s not my favorite.  but only because i had difficulty applying it.  the shade isn’t true to what you see in the bottle so beware of that.  there are open testers in each the face shop boutique so at least you can see for yourself before buying 😉

yeah i think apart from my face imma gonna chronicle my hands as well.  la lang something that Nikki said in our conversation when we saw each last.  the gist was: hands and hmmmm age LOL 😉

ciao for now


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