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ooops a tad too bright in my tiny little iBox studio LOL.
i posted the arrival of these babies on my sorta new facebook page, hope you can like it and interact with me there, some more 😉
i got these from, as usual and as always, Charmaine of Kkochipida and as usual, as with any Korean store, be it online, online reseller, or the real franchise or boutique you get freebies.  Charmaine already knows what I like and knows that I like Kpop ‘merch’ so she gave me a box of cotton with leader’s face on it. [leader=Kim Hyun Joong=leader of the group SS501].  she even wrapped my stuff in a magazine page with Song Joongki on one side and Big Bang on the other. LOL, thanks a bunches 😉
here’s my order.  yep, apart from the word colorstay, two letter’s are already subliminal and make me order and those two letters are BB, phfffft and that sorta now includes the idol group, too!  i actually saw this by accident while visiting her site and i landed on her onhand ready to ship page, i think i was proving to a youtube subscriber who messaged me [said yt subscriber claims dear Charmaine does not put the price of the items she loads on her site] that indeed Charmaine does put the prices of the items she has on hand and for pre-order.  so ayun, ayan, the words tony moly and bb in one, hala sige goew!
it’s in a tub, that hmmm doesn’t look too full, huh? it’s 18.5 grams content.
from the google chrome translation of the product description from the tony moly website:
[2 poseulrin]
Cyclopenta siloxane, mechilteurimechikon, C30-45 Alkyl three Te Lil Dee mechanism Politics cone cross-polymer, titanium dioxide (CI 77891), neo-pen Til glycol Diego seven Six No Eight, methyl methacrylate cross-polymer, dextrin palmitate, cycle Six siloxane, Mica (CI 77019), stability, a twelve depressed, Aluminum Star chiok Te Neil seats for Nate, and yellow iron oxide (CI 77492), argan tree kernel oil, diamond powder, amethyst powder, pearl powder, tourmaline, vines Mon citrus fruit extracts strawberry extract, raspberry extract, blueberry extract, blackberry extract, platinum powder, silica, shea butter, poly methyl room wheels Seth Yushan, purified water, butilrengeulrayikol, butilparaben, mechilparaben, spices, red iron oxide (CI 77491 ), black iron oxide (CI 77499) 

omg lamang a 12 depressed Aluminium star? seats for Nate? Nate Berkus ba itey?  at may politics pang nalalaman LOL talaga tong si google translate, you iz scary!
y’all would need a separate spatula to scoop out the product from the tub for hygienic purposes.
it comes with this really soft, synthetic fiber brush.  it’s retractable so it’s a space saver, it’s part of the lid! genius LOL
ahmm huwaoow the coverage.
and well it’s reflective, though.  i guess i can pull it off, the skin on my face is nearly the same as my arms and just a little brighter than my neck.
it takes very little of the product to cover my entire face.  so i guess i’m not too disappointed in the amount of product it has in the tub for the price.
underneath is my neutrogena ultra sheer sunscreen followed by the holika holika pore cover mousse starter, then this whippping bb cream.  i use the revlon colorstay mineral aqua to set it all.  so yeah, pag di pa naman na fill in ang pores ko, huwaw ewan ko na LOL
it has a satin finish so there’s a subtle, as in very subtle shine ok fine, glow daw, hihihi with the pearl and amethyst powder, right?.  quite appropriate for daytime work makeup, enough to say hay i don’t have a hang over see?
My experience:  i’m gonna add this little bit on top of my likes and dislikes.  this purchase was sorta a whim, yeah been doing that lately, LOL i’ll snap out of it, soon.  But it was there on hand so i thought i’d give it a go. it’s SKW15,800 on the Tony Moly website and on Charmaine’s on-hand item’s page it was being sold for PhP725.  the forex is for the skw is at 15800 so it translates to PhP630.  see? see? this is why i am loyal to her!  she knows we, the people, research! so she gives the fairest markup.  naturally, there should be some mark up for her, her shipping fr SK her contact there, wholesale, blah blah, you get my drift.  and that freebie, makes the purchase definitely more than i bargained for.
and now for the product
  • the coverage, blend well with the brush that comes with it.  it medium to full coverage for something of a mousse consistency and a ‘bb’ covered my pores and scars well.
  • shade matches me
  • did not oxidize
  • lasted the whole day, i only blotted the oils from my face twice and didn’t retouch
  • no violent reactions from my skin so far
  • no discernible scents.  the brush picked up the scent of the holika holika pore cover mousse starter so now two of my brushes smell like strawberries and cream. LOL
  • the brush, yey another flat top brush.  just what i needed actually 😉 it’s soft, not scratchy and blends the product just right 😉 it’s handy and conveniently placed as part of the lid.
  • satin finish, not dewy not matte but a nice soft to the touch finish
  • packaging is sleek like most tony moly items 😉
  • it takes very little of the product to cover your entire face 
  • phhhftt c’mon tony moly, this aint no bb cream if it doesn’t have spf.  i have to put a separate layer of sun screen under my base.  extra step, hayz
  • the product settles in the container tub, but i guess it’s the nature of the product since it’s whipped and the air fizzled out during shipment.
  •  need a spatula to get the product out.  i aint digging my fingers in that.  
  • with the parabens it has, it still has an expiration of a year? ay revlon where are you [2yrs for their colorstay liquid foundation to expire once opened].  i mean it takes just a tinee bit for nearly full coverage
Do i recommend:  yeah, sure, if you want medium to full coverage FOUNDATION this is a good purchase. comes with a brush even 😉 and theirs a 3rd shade for women who have warmer tones of skin shades.
Will I repurchase:  I hardly try anything twice, this is one of those products i won’t try again.  it’s pretty good though for a foundation. 

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