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this is my second pallet from MM that i purchased from their flagship store at sm makati, LOL, huli ka, teh Marge! you do go to Makati! [runs in embarrassment]
this pallet contains shades that are more wearable for the office or college or job interviews
just a pop of satin finish in gold with a darker outer v [2/3’s of your eye lid]
but can be used for a dramatic look! just spruce up the shades! and the eyeliner and your set for an evening with just one pallet.
my review of my of my first trick on eye shadow in BR750 is on this link.
i love both pallets.  they have unique shades and the shadows are even way softer than my stila shadows.  wow who knew that shadows can even be milled much finer than stila’s? no fall out and they are powdery-creamy to apply.  it’s better to use the spongetip applicators that’s with the pallet than a brush.  the finish is smoother that way.
How i use it.  i only use the gold, grey, and brown [the gold for an all over wash of shade on my lid, followed by the gray from my lash line to my crease, then the dark satin-shimmer brown smudged on my lash line to my outer V] while the pearly pink shadow is the TRICK.  it is advised to apply that after all of the three is layered for a “3D effect” weh, really? parang Thor’s hammer?  well that’s what the SA said at sm makati.  i just like that 4th shade, mind you, the biggest one on the pan, to brighten up the inner corner of the eye. and i’d use that for a night time spruce 😉
  • the price – for a japanese brand, this at PhP795 for the quality it has, is actually priced fair in my book
  • the quality of the shadows, they are just a dream to apply super soft, easy to apply
  • no fall out and does not fade throughout the day
  • do not crease 
  • the spongetip applicator is the bomb! super soft and not flimsy at all, perfect to use with the pallet.
  • the shades on this pallet are very wearable and adjustable for either a day or night time look.
  • easy to remove by even a facial wash
  • size is compact [but it takes just one swipe to color your lids].  so it’s easy to bring this along in your kit since it’s small.
  • none that i can think of
Do I recommend: yes, definitely.  Not into Korean brands? How bout Japanese instead?  and it’s a Shiseido sister, so you can’t go wrong.

Would i repurchase? : they have a lot of different pallets, those i will try to grab 😉

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