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finally i get to review something i bought quite a while back as seen in the pic below.
looks like i’ve several tony moly items to go LOL.
this is one their top of the lines bb creams.  you know the type, the one that does everything, hehehe thus expert triple action.
woah the product insert has english instructions. hehehe i should keep this for my sister in law when i give one of these bb creams one of these days.

this pump is one of the nicest pumps i’ve ever tried on bb creams. it pumps out the product smoothly and doesn’t squirt it out.
it’s a tad more watery than most of my bb creams, not as watery as that fake bb cream fr maybelline
it blends in just fine and pretty quick, and dries quickly as well.  the photo above is taken with out the flash on and it clearly shows that what bb creams tell us it has blended well and matched to my skin shade.

the photo above is taken with the flash turned on.  not as reflective as i would expect considering the high spf it has.
now my mug shot above without the flash turned on.  i like how natural it looks yet looks like it’s giving me the coverage of a foundation.  i wore this bb cream for 5 days straight without any other foundation on top of it and hardly any setting powder.  it has a semi matte finish [bordering on matte but not really, it’s hard to describe, i look like i had just washed my face kinda fresh looking but not completely matte]. so unlike my l’egere white multi bb cream that gives a glowy look this bb cream gives a fresh face look.
it’s only slightly reflective as shown in my mug shot above, but then hmmm, my shoulder is just as fair as my face even with the flash turned on my cam.
hehehe cam whoring, i love how natural it looks.  it’s way up there with my  l’egere white multi bb cream, baviphat bb magic girls and possibly the face shop’s face it hd bb cream [except that the face it hd dries too quickly which can make it a tad too difficult to blend]
and even with the blinds up [pic above] and the flash on it still looks natural on me.
and hola, a bb cream that lasted ALL DAY on me.  i didn’t touch up the whole day. i just blotted out my oilies with my clean and clear and gatsby oil blotting films.
the pix of me reveal how happy i am with this bb cream LOL.

  • super creamy only slightly watery to apply
  • super easy to blend out
  • dries quickly but not too quickly
  • medium buildable coverage good coverage on my pores and redness
  • doesn’t reflect too much
  • spf 45 and pa of +++ the highest i’ve encountered fr bb creams wow hello zits LOL
  • lasts all day, this surprised me.  no touch ups, with my l’egere i touched up at least once, i guess what surprised me is that for a relatively inexpensive bb cream with all of it’s features that it actually delivered.
  • currently still not available in the Philippines
  • inexpensive [but not in bangkok LMAO]
  • gave me 1 zit, it’s the high spf, my hormones, and stress but it didn’t give the zit until the 5th day so most likely it’s my hormones and the really high spf
do i recommend this yes definitely:  the finish is super natural which this culture that i belong to keeps wanting for their girls.  so i even recommend this to high school girls to have a finished look without looking overly done.
will i repurchase:  most likely, i’ve got a few bb creams to go thru LOL

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