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i bought this last Christmas season and i bought it for the uber fantastic liner end of the this dual ended product .
the box has instructions on how to use and it has a diagram so it’s not tough to figure out or there’s google translate. i think it’s rather new and it’s in the 800++ price range.
the shadow stick part.  it’s not creamy at all, and it smells like wax, yes it smells like old candles.  hay, and i went back to the store, apparently all the other shades smell like that so what i’m trying to say is, i didn’t get a bad batch or product.
but just look at that pigmentation and color!  wow!  c’mon nose, forget the smell!  did i mention that the shadow stick isn’t creamy? yep, it’s sticky and does not budge once applied, but it coats pretty evenly, you just gotta work fast, or have a good eye primer so your eye lid is smooth to apply shadows on.
ah what i bought this thing for.  the liner.  omg, it’s this wonderful royal blue going into navy midnight blue slightly shimmery shade.  AND THIS THING DOES NOT BUDGE ON THE WATERLINE.


  • the liner is tear proof, so waterproof and lasts on my water line
  • the liner is easy and creamy to apply on both my waterline and lash line
  • the shadow stick is not chalky and can be evenly applied just remember to work fast as the thing sets very quickly
  • the shadow stick is difficult to remove so it’s rather smudge proof and water proof, too.
  • the liner shade, imho, it’s to die for
  • the price, naturally, i have a thing against the pricing of the products of the face shop outside of SK.
  • the smell of the shadow stick, omg, it smells like cheap candles
Do i recommend:  sure if you can stand the smell and if it’s within your budget, they have other wonderful shades, too.
Will i repurchase? i’m gonna look for a dupe first.

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