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this is another one of their products they sent me to review.



(see the powder settled at the bottom?)

in the morning withOUT the flash on


suklay pls? hahaha alright magpapagupit na nga sa sweldo (evilsmirk)


in the morning WITH the flash on


SOMEONE PLS GIVE ME A HAIR BRUSH? lmao, aisssh laki ng mukha ko LOL!


after a full day both pix with the flash on



yan, madilim at gabi kasi kaya parang medyo tolerable na itsura ko.  or i’m swollen in the morning? 😛

the premise of the product:  much like the mac fix plus, it’s supposed to make your make up last.  like a hair spray but a makeup stay spray thus making your foundation, liquid, mineral, or otherwise last longer and won’t let your face makeup float with your oil and move around.  in a humid tropical environment this would have been useful.

sooooo, hay, minus my face.  the spritz is your basic non-aerosol perfume kinda spritzer which sprays a semi fine mist.  the powder at the bottom concerned me, i was afraid that i would end up looking like an espasol or at least toshio fr the grudge movie.  and with the flash i sorta did.  without the flash i looked like my normal pasty white self.

i did not retouch with a powder the entire day, i just blotted my oily nose with my clean and clear oil blotting tissue around every 2-3 hours.  so hmmmm.  i only sprayed in the morning after my makeup application and did not re-spray throughout the day.  so there, the proof is in the pictures, and you can decide but here’s my run down of my likes and dislikes.



  • ey this thing smells nice ha, so fresh and clean
  • it doesn’t taste bad hahaha, yes i accidentally inhaled it and even got some on my lips so i got to taste it.
  • gave me a glowy look sorta.
  • no heavy filmy feeling on my face
  • no violent reaction from my face


  • the white cast on my face when the flash is turned on.
  • i was oily within about 2-3 hours

would i recommend:  sure for everyday use esp if you won’t have your picture taken with the flash on and if your skin is not as oily as mine.

would i purchase:  as for facial spray goes, i love love love what etude gave me before, the aqua cure facial mist vitamin water review here




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