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Ladida, happily i walk towards a globe service center to downgrade my plan.  i had allotted 70 mins for this [5mins walking fr my ofc and 5mins walking back then the full 60mins of waiting in queue].  
i got my number 3010 and the number/person being assisted was 3006.  yey, not bad, about 12mins per person? NOPE.  30mins into my wait, i start to get nervous as miss #3008 was being assisted.  noooooh not even my mood pick-me-upper big bang could stir me out of my anxiety.  and then a NON-Filipino of the western variety arrived.  this person was inquiring and had asked for a number like a decent person and was clearly willing to wait with his number in hand.  BUT NOOOOOOOOOO, miss cust care was prolly blinded by his thick naturally curled up lashes and those bright auburn eyes and said, hello sir, no need for a number, pls cUm this way.  so the dude, was happily going to sit at the usual cust care area BUT NOOOOOOOO he was asked to go to the back, you know the authorized personnel ONLY area!  so nope, i aint angry at this dude at all. i’m pissed at the cust care person who should’ve been taking care of #3009 already! instead of mister puppy dog eyes.
so my 70mins allotted time was running out and they hurry up to assist me after mister curly lashes auburn eyes had left the facility.  i said you had better work fast lady you have 8mins and i need 3mins of that time to run back to work!
i’m pretty sure i didn’t get the service request i had gone down there for to begin with, so i’ll go back there again tomorrow.  [even if ms tina-cust care lady said, ok na, ma’am we’ll process this by tonight.]  did they give a reference or service request number? nope, did i ask for one? yep, all the reply i got ma’am di pa nagagawa eh, honga kaya nga sr# eh, leche.
triage system, hindi pwedeng first come first serve lagi kung simple lang naman yung susunod na mga kaso.  mag triage system kayo just so makarami kayo ng tutulungan.  bad trip kayo.


  1. I'd raise hell if I were you.

  2. ey Neil☺ had i had the time, i would have, and i nearly did, which is why i'm kinda afraid that 1.) the request i had asked done will not be processed and or 2.) they'd give me faulty charges which had happened to one of my amigas when she had her plan downgraded [coincidentally] as well

  3. tsk, tsk…. this is bad. you should file a complaint with globe.

  4. ey Sugar =( yes, i should, esp if my request does not go through, terrible this reverse racism i experienced today =(

  5. I'd raise hell if I were you.

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