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I think i was chatting with someone on facebook last Feb when the subject of graduation ceremony came up and she requested i do a look. i’m real sorry i can’t recall her name. February, apart from the three notable events:
1.) the KyuSaeng FM 2.) hubby buying me cosmetics because of their different packaging and 3.) and super junior’s super show 3 [Feb] was hehehe shall we say toxic? but i’m only too glad that i am not the only one who breathed a sigh of relief when that month ended and March finally arrived.  ang habang disclaimer LOL, simply, just forgot her name, [the person who requested i do a video with graduation in mind], there’s no excuse.  but here’s the look i came up with and finally i get to use my tony moly makeup, review on which will follow.

and the finished look
Tony Moly Backstage Self Smoky Eye Collection in 02



Majolica Majorca Trick On Eyeshadow Palette in GR750
well mukha naman aprub ang aming golden retriever…[seems the golden retriever approves of the look]
me channeling Kris? LOL
i will echo michelle phan’s advice in choosing a foundation, make sure the shade matches the skin on your chest and neck or at least very near it.  when choosing a foundation you may as well bring your digicam, try the tester on your face, yep magpa-make-over na kayo dun sa dept store and take a pic of yourself with the flash on, if your face gives you the white wash effect then there’s either too much talc or spf in the product and you’d have to move on.  remember pictures from this day will be with you for a long time.  you don’t want to look like toshio fr the grudge, right?

Products used and tidbits:

L’egere White Multi bb cream as a base – it says on the bottle long wear, and it’s true.
Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Buff – has always been my go to for long days like lining in line for gen ad at a certain super show last april hahaha.  14hours later, all i did was blot my face and retouched with a little powder and it looked like i had just put it on.  that’s how much i believe in the colorstay.
Etude House Precious BB compact #2
Etude House Cheek Stain – hay, try to remove this with the happy teatime milk tea cleansing cream and you’d still see a hint of the tint on your cheeks, it’s that staining.  so the staying power of this product is top notch!

The Face Shop Real Secret Perfect Contour kit – eye lid primer
Tony Moly Backstage Smokey #2
Maybelline Studio Black Gel Liner –  unless it’s really hot, it will not melt and scatter.  you need this for the crying moments.
Majolica Majorca Trick On Eyeshadow Palette in GR750 
Majorlica Majorca Lash Expander – or at least a water proof mascara for those crying moments to avoid black streaks on your face
Eyebrow Pencil from Saizen/Daiso Japanese Store

Max Factor Max Wear Lip Color – since you’re gonna be talking and eating, have a lip stain or a long wearing lip color like this or revlon ultimate liquid lipstick

Hope this tutorial and tidbits help! good luck and congratulations!!!


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